Leaf Girl and Tina

At first glance you might look and think that this is the same picture I got at the flea market yesterday, but actually it isn’t. I found her twin today in a dusty cow pasture! Now I have a pair of the prints in tacky 70’s gold frames (Ginger just brace yourself maybe there will be more next year when you come). I am so super stoked on these prints because they are both in a book I have called Just Above the Mantelpiece: Mass-Market Masterpieces by Wayne Hemingway. The cover art besides being flocked has a painting by the same artist, J.H. Lynch. Apparently the name of yesterday’s painting is “Leaf Girl” and the one I scored today is called “Tina”. Last year at the flea market I saw “Nymph” and it was already sold and I wanted to steal it I was so jealous.

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