Last night was full of disappointments.

There is a cute little place here in Austin called The Tree house Grill tucked away behind some trees on Congress. I always pictured this place to be quaint and yummy. I knew it was a little on the pricey side so we had never just popped in, but last night we had Christmas gift cards burning holes in our pockets. We get seated and have to wait 20 minutes to give our drink order, which by this point we gave our dinner order too. My white iceberg lettuce side salad came first and it was swimming in oil, which was their definition of “vinaigrette”. Our entrees came pretty promptly, but they could have just never come at all from the taste of them. I had the chicken picatta. My breast was still big and puffy, and chicken picatta is typically a very thin piece of meat. Picatta also is very lemony and this greasy sauce my gelatinous breast of chicken was sitting in was like browned garlic oil. There was some nice steamed veggies on the side, a little heavy on the bell peppers in the mix. There was also a side of spaghetti which had clearly been sitting under a heat lamp for a long time. Chris had Veal and was not that impressed with his either. Overall at $50 this place was so not worth it and I will not be returning.

So on to Broke Back Mountain. The best thing I can say is that the scenery is lovely. The movie was not awful, not even bad, but with all the hype I was thinking I was going to walk out of that theatre balling. However, I did not feel that emotionally attached to the characters at all and it has nothing to do with their sexuality. There is this 70’s movie called Same Time Next Year with Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn that is pretty much the same movie. A couple of cares about each other deeply, but each is already married so all they can do is have an affair once a year. They meet year after year for 20 years in this cabin and have sex and all that, but mostly just have this “deep and meaningful relationship”. I have a real issue with infidelity in relationships being glamorized in movies and in songs. Those people were married and had kids and were lying and being deceitful to their families. They should all 4, in both movies, just fess up get divorces and quit lying. I understand that Ennis and Jack could not be together due to the times they lived in and all of that, but Jack could have gotten a divorce. Sure I did get a little teary at the end of Broke Back with Ennis in his trailer. If memory serves Same Time Next Year ends the exact same way with one of the people going to their cabin and the other person is not there because they have died. It was not a bad movie, just not a holy crap this should get an Oscar movie. A movie of forbidden love two people having an affair and cheating on their spouses for 20 years is supposed to be romantic? I think if my husband had been cheating on me for 20 years with a man, woman or both I would not think it was very romantic or have any pity for him that he was not with the one great love of his life. I think maybe I should have seen Memoirs of a Geisha instead.

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