Lament of the Souvenir Jacket II: New Happy Ending.

I want to tell you a story that started off happy, became tragic and has recovered with a bit of a happy ending. If you have heard me tell this story before just block it out, but this version has a new and exciting ending.

Two summers ago on my way back from my grandmothers house in Peoria, IL the family and I all stopped in Salina, KS for a hot rod car show. The cars were awesome, sadly they were not owned by hot guys, but what was really great about this town was the fantastic antique shopping. My dad got to look at cars and I got to shop: store after store of vintage goodness. After awhile my whole family was starting to put the heavy pressure on me about leaving “It’s a long drive back to Texas” when I realized the current store we were in had a basement. “Just let me check down here” I yelled back as I ran off before they began to forcibly remove me from the store. When I got to the basement there was a booth with a pile of vintage clothing. I snagged a couple of 40’s house dresses for $3 and then my eyes met with something I had been looking for for years. Pretty much since I saw Madonna in that funky jacket that Rosanna Arquette stole in Desperately Seeking Susan, a souvenir jacket from Japan. The jacket I found was only $40 and I had priced them on EBAY for $300. This one was perfect one side was blue with white sleeves and a tiger embroidered on the back the other side (oh yes it was reversible) was green with white sleeves and had a map of Japan on the back. I think I held the coat in my lap giddy for winter the entire drive home. I loved that jacket so and wore it all the winter long. Eventually since it was so old the thread was rotting and my mother offered to have it re-stitched, but first she needed to have the jacket dry cleaned. The jacket was silk or satin, so a normal spin in the washing machine would kill it. However, that is exactly what the dry cleaner did. The jacket is now too small for a 3 year old. I almost cried I was so sad.

 So I have looked and looked for another one of these jackets and am still looking to this day. Last season Target came out with a line of two toned satin bomber jackets that I started to pick up and give the Sublime Stitching treatment too. Jenny did one for herself and it is adorable, but I just kind of shrugged it off and kept feeling sorry for myself about my jacket that died.

Last month when I was in LA filming Craft Lab one of my guests was Matt Maranian the author of Pad the Guide to Ultra Living. I noticed Matt was hanging around the set in a really cool jacket. For that matter there was also this guy Patrick that worked on Craft Lab that also had this really rad track jacket. Matt’s was made to look like one of the Japanese Souvenir Jackets with tigers and maps of Japan that I was still lamenting about. Patrick’s had a big Japanese Rising Sun on the back. So I told Matt about what had happened to me and inquired about his jacket. His jacket as well at Patrick’s I later found out was by Lucky Brand Jeans. Matt also informed me that he and his wife run a vintage store in Vermont and occasionally sell things on EBAY. They had recently sold a vintage souvenir jacket that fit the description of mine for $700. Geez talk about driving the knife in deeper.

SO ANYWAY 2 days ago I start looking for this fabled Lucky Brand Jacket and go to their website and there it is starring back at me for like $110 or something. The catch is it is a man’s jacket so I am not super sure about the sizing. Then I remember something else, I have a gift certificate to Macy’s. I go to the Macy’s website and there is the jacket, but get this on sale for $53! I was still a bit worried about the size so my mom and I took a quick trip to the mall so I could try one on. I am a small in men’s if anyone wants to buy me gifts from the men’s department. They also have this other cute hoodie that is made to look like the felt appliqué jackets from Mexico. I have one of those that is not ruined. So of course I came home and snagged my new jacket and on sale. It is not the same, but I do feel one step closer to closing that wound about the original jacket.


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