Knit 1

Better late than never on today’s blog post right? Yesterday Vickie and I went to lunch and then over to the book store to grab the latest issue of Knit 1 magazine. Seriously cute stuff, makes me wanna learn to knit. This issue has gobs of Naughty Secretary Club jewelry Shanghai Earrings on Pg. 32, Mesh Mama Earrings on Pg. 34, Mastodon Earrings and Safari Chain Necklace on Pg. 35, Bombay Bracelet and Nouveau Ring on Pg. 36. Whoa Nelly! Speaking of Vickie be sure be and check out her interview with the band Thrice. One of the dudes knits!

In other press news check out the article on Stitch in the current issue of Rockpile.

So today was spent making jewelry, going to the dentist and talking on the phone to various business associates. First I made jewelry all day for stylist Lori Goldstein and Cosmo Girl Magazine. Ran off to Fed Ex to overnight my packages and came home to an email from Elle Girl for more jewelry so I had to turn around and go right back out the door to kinkos again. Tonight I am cooking the Valentines Day enchiladas I never got around to making and hopefully watching Hustle and Flow.

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