Kitty Beans

It’s hard for you to get the full effect of just how big this can of beans actually is. This picture does not do it justice. My cat Georgie, seen here weighs 11 pounds. The ginormous can of beans weighs 6 pounds. I am talking one of those big I came from Sams or Costco cans and there is enough for everyone at the institution to have beans for dinner tonight. We could have soaked hard beans with the ham bone overnight, but why when you can buy the econo can o’ beans? Did you ever take Home Economics classes when you were in Jr. High? In 7th grade we had to do this thing where we had “flour babies”. To teach us the perils of teenage pregnancy we had to carry around a big bag of flour for a few weeks to teach us responsibility. Carrying that can of beans around the grocery store yesterday in my arms like a newborn baby reminded me of this experiment. I was sad the label on the can was paper and not painted on there, this would have made an awesome planter.

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