Kittens, cupcakes and babies – could my night get any better?

So first and foremost I signed up to walk in the Race for the Cure here in Austin today. You should totally SPONSOR ME. Seriously it is a really good cause to help fight breast cancer, it is a tax write off and it will help me raise more money on my team than all the other Austin Craft Mafia girls that are walking. Really any donation you can contribute is greatly appreciated. You will see the whole Austin Craft Mafia gang out chugging along on Nov 6th.

The whole idea for the walking in the race for the cure came about at last nights Austin Craft Mafia meeting. Jesse had the bright idea and I think it is a smashing one. Last night was a damn good meeting. Not because it was particularly productive or anything but it was nice to see the girls and there were three special treats.

1) Since Saturday was my birthday the girls made me Mississippi Mud flavored cupcakes. They even sang Happy Birthday to me and had me blow out candles. No one sang to me or had anything cake like for me Saturday (well there was the ice tea snow cone if that counts) so it was super sweet. Plus Susann gave me some furry rings as a gift!

2) As if cupcakes were not good enough, Jen A brought Yoshi with her. Man is that one handsome baby, he is so cute and so well tempered. He hardly cried at all, well a little when I demanded a turn holding him. He likes to be held on his belly in a superman flying through the air position. Oh babies are fun. Maybe one day I might start a littler of my own.

3) Speaking of litters the excitement of the meeting does not stop there. Jesse who hosted the meeting had a new kitten named Hot Lips who was teensy tiny and I am pretty sure loved me. Oh kittens are so endlessly entertaining. I remember when Georgie was just a baby. Lucy my dog wanted to eat her so for almost 2 months Chris and I did not sleep together because we had to keep them separated (the cat and the dog) and we felt too guilty leaving one or the other to sleep alone so we took turns in our own bedroom and the spare bedroom. Eventually kitty and dog met and all is well, but it took a long time. Anyway I left the meeting wanting a kitten more so than wanting to get knocked up.

When I left the meeting Hope and I went to Emo’s to see Architecture in Helsinki. After all the hype I was not that impressed really. There are a ton of them and the air reeked of body order and patchouli oil so the whole thing came across as a Phish style jam band which is always a turn off. Tina, Erin, Kurt, Hope and I just sat up in the bleachers and chatted. Oh and thank god for Bee she got Hope and I into Emo’s for free. It was funny she was working a different door so she had to write us a note to take to the other door dude. It worked.

Today I cancelled the threading appointment and Tina came over instead. Hope and Kurt are on their way to drop off purses. Chris and I are gonna chill out and watch a netflick tonight.

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