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I have finally caved and decided to get rid of my spare bedroom. Not get rid of it as in I am cutting it off from the house I mean convert it into a new room for our upcoming bundle of joy.  As with Tallulah’s nursery the new room is revolving around the fabric. More Echino fabric as a matter of fact. This pattern has little fawns (Tallulah’s middle name is Fawn) and zebras and my new favorite shade of fuchsia.  Why am I putting fawns in another kids room you ask?  Well my first thought was that this room would be for Tallulah, but after much screaming and kicking about a room transfer we decided against it.  The first thing I did for Tallulah’s nursery was collect some art so why should her brother or sister’s new room be any different!

If only Threadless had those awesome $5 sales on their art prints. I’m pretty smitten on The Voice of Thunder by Elisha Hale.

So far I have scored one piece to go in the room and of course it is the obligatory alphabet print. It was such a struggle for me to find the perfect one for Tallulah’s nursery, but the ABC Print by Helen Dardik was a little easier because the colors match so perfectly! I’m still looking for more ‘educational’ prints of things like numbers, food groups, colors, teeth brushing. Know any?

Shocking Pink Afro by Valerie Galloway is another adorable option. However, I feel like I need to wait to see if the baby is a boy or a girl before I get too many prints.

Flickr is good for so many things, including finding prints for a baby nursery. These two uploaded by Aundrea_K and Thimble Nest are perfect and kind of educational. I have several vintage books of my own I need to flip through for more ideas.

Retro Whale, it’s like you know me and my decorating plan for this new room like the back of your hand. Your Wild Horses print is a must have. Not only do the colors match, but there is a zebra too!

My sister the supa dupa talented Hope Perkins has offered to paint a custom piece for her new bedroom. We are thinking something with a zebra head to match the zebras in the fabric.

I adore everything by Naoshi, but Driven Into a Corner has that fuchsia I need.

Artist Tad Carpenter has tons of prints in the running for Tallulah’s new room. I bought two of his pieces at the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin that now hang in my hallway, but I’m very close to moving them.

Bitchin Kicks indeed. These high tops by Josephine and Cole would look perfect on the wall.

With Tallulah’s 1st room I made a little mini art gallery, this time around I want a mix of pictures and prints. Luckily Ikea and Target had plenty of frames in the fuchsia color of the fabric.

I’m looking for more prints for the room, know any that would match perfectly? What did you hang on the walls in your nursery?

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