Joining Every Book Related Social Networking Site That Will Accept My Application

Can you believe it is less than one month until my book comes out! I am so super duper excited I can hardly stand it! I can’t wait to put a copy on one of my book shelves (which I clearly also adorn with stuffed animals and old radios) I appreciate everyone who is putting one of my book banners on their blogs or My Space profiles to help me spread the word!
Funky Town
Inky Knits
Giddy Girlie
Miss Multiples Colores

I’ll be emailing the 4 winners of the phone necklace today!

Feel like your blog or My Space page needs a little flair? Well I’d love you forever if you added one of my two book banners to your site. They are over in the left column. Leave me a comment here and let me know that you added the banner and I’ll be sure to link to your blog in a post! I’ll mail you a free piece of Naughty Secretary Club Jewelry if you do!

In preparation for Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girls Guide to Handmade Jewelry I have also started joining every book related social networking site that will accept my application. If you too belong to any of these wouldn’t it be neat if we were friends? We should add each other!

For instance I have joined Amazon and sometimes I repost my blog there when it is book related. More than anything I have enjoyed killing time with Listmania making lists like 10 Books to Satisfy Your Kitsch Itch and Take a Peekie at Some Tiki.

What seems to be the most popular of all the book related social networking sites is Good Reads. I like that they let me register as an author and that I can post reviews with HTML links. This is the site where I get the most friend requests and there seems to be the most action.

Aesthetically I am most attracted to the layout of Shelfari. I love the faux wooden book cases that the covers of the books I have reviewed and listed sit on. Shelfari is probably the first of all of these that I had heard of, though not the first I joined.

I discovered Library Thing while perusing the Random House website. It seems to have the least amount of action of all of the social networking sites for book worms, but I could not join all the others and not this one. Library Thing is also in beta so maybe that has something to do with it, they are working out the kinks.

Are there any that I am forgetting? Do you use a book related social networking site? What do you use it for? Promotion, book recommendations, meeting other book lovers? Just curious.

19 Responses to “Joining Every Book Related Social Networking Site That Will Accept My Application”

  1. Marilyn

    I don’t have the slightest idea about book networking sites. I am a member of but that’s for book trading, doubt that’s what you are looking for.

    Anyhoo, I posted a banner for your book on my MySpace profile

    I’m sure it’s gonna do really well. 🙂

  2. Rie

    Hey! I haven’t added a banner (I’m still figuring out how to do layouts in blogger), but I will be reviewing the book once I get my hands on it–I was won over by the garden gnomes.
    I’ll do one for Visual Bookshelf on Facebook, too!

  3. Jules

    I stole your banner and placed it on my blog. I’m obsessed with the mannequin head on the cover.

  4. Noelia

    Its a pleasure ! 🙂
    Well i dunno very much about those networks, here in Argentina we dont have very much in spanish to help us spread the word.

    FOr my bussines i use, and they all work in some way 🙂

    Oh and im planning major changes soon … i will have home decorating things! Cant wait, so many things on my mind right now.

  5. sheasy

    Wow, great sites! Congrats on the book – it looks like something right up my alley!

    All these book sites are wonderful. Definitely bookmarking!

  6. Peptogirl

    Holy cow, I think I have social networking overload! I just signed up for goodreads and have been on Amazon for awhile now. I am a craft book junkie! I just posted the countdown on my blog. Can’t wait for your book to come out!!!

  7. Anh

    I haven’t been reading blogs lately (cept looking at pictures on fashion blogs) or else I would have posted the link to your new book sooner.

    I just posted it onto my blog:

    and will be posting it on my myspace in a minute.

    Can’t wait for the book!!! And Congrats once again!

  8. Anonymous

    Just put up an Amazon link!
    Does that count for swag?

    Also your jewelry is in 1000 Jewelry Inspirations! You might want to add it to your side widget of books where your work is!
    Also did you get a copy of that and Making Designer Jewelry with Hardware, Gems, and Beads?
    Let me know.
    Happy Crafting at CHA!
    Stefanie Girard


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