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Have you flipped through the latest issues of Adorn or Altered Couture recently? Notice the girl on the first page in black and white stripes up against an orange wall? Guess what, that’s me! I have always loved Duncan and all their products like Aleene’s and Tulip so when they asked me to be a part of their ad campaign that has featured the likes of Kathy Cano Murillo, Traci Bautista and Pattie Donham who was I to say no! The deal was they said we are going to send you a bunch of our Liquid Fusion and Fabric Fusion glues and we want you to go crazy and make a bunch of jewelry for the ad. Talk about a dream job. Besides the fact that both glues really are super strong they are both non-toxic. I’m here to tell you it is hard to find a good glue without a health warning on it so I was pumped to find Liquid Fusion!

First of all I picked a color scheme and my mom was nice enough to help me and gave me a bunch of her vintage Barkcloth for the project. I love how everything turned out and the cool thing is you can go to and get all the instructions to make everything yourself. There are instuctions for the purse, headband, earrings, ring, choker and bracelet. Some of the supplies I used you can find in the Naughty Secretary Club Etsy Shop and other items like the Carved Coral Ring you can score on Naughty Secretary Club for yourself.

I also made some other jewelry that is a little harder to see in the ad like a bib necklace, bangle bracelet and pin.

Well guess what you can win some of this jewelry right here on the blog. That’s right I have the rings, bib necklace, purse, bracelet and more to give away. I’m going to pick lucky winners one week from today on Monday December 3rd to win some free jewelry. All you have to do is leave me a comment right here related to the project and the ad. Which is your favorite piece of jewelry? Do you have a favorite craft glue? Did you try making any of these jewelry projects yourself? Leave a comment anytime between now and next Monday and you could win one of the pieces of jewelry pictured.

P.S. Special shout out to my amazing friend Cory Ryan for taking the picture, to my friend Alyson for thinking of me for the ad, to my mom Fredda Perkins for helping me sew the purse and to Craft-o-Rama for letting us take pictures in your craftaliscious store.

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  1. Funky Finds

    I first saw the fabulous ad featuring YOU in the Stitch program. But then I saw you in Adorn. Talk about a big time celeb! Woohoo. I look forward to trying some of the Fusion glue. And I’m off to check out the projects on the Duncan Crafts website. I want a headband like you are wearing in the ad!

  2. Katie Hacker

    Lookin’ good! I especially love your earrings and the disk bracelet. I agree, it’s so much nicer working with non-toxic glue than the smelly, scary kind.

    And I just realized that you have a project in Make it Mine! Sorry that I neglected to mention it in my post about that mag last week.

    Looks like we’ve both been through soap making phases, too. We just have to meet one of

  3. Jules

    Boy, Jennifer, you sure know how to make a girl delurk 🙂 I saw the ad in the Altered Couture magazine–I was looking through it at a bookstore, I showed my boyfriend and said “I’ve tried to make you watch her show before!”

    I didn’t even check to see if there were directions for these projects! The fabric on the bib necklace is awesome, but I love the ring. It looks like you picked the

  4. frustrated in florida

    Hey Jennifer!
    I have been such a lurker, but am now compelled to try my hand at winning some of your way-cool stuff. The day before you posted this blog, I was looking though duncan’s site and was immediately attracted to the “crime” line. I was even thinking about trying my hand at the choker, which is awesome.
    While I am posting, I am SUCH A FAN of your shows.
    I tried to get

  5. Dawnita & Matt

    hi jennifer…..i’m an incredibly happy repeat online customer that can’t stop drooling over all your lovely jewelry. that bib necklace and purse is amazing! i used to make jewelry back in the day but it’s so much easier to buy your stuff instead!

    keep blogging!

  6. Pattie Donham

    Jennifer, you look DARling, and the jewelry is to DIE for! You really did make some great projects, and the ad looks sooo good.

    Thanks for the fab ideas!

  7. Michelle

    Is the Jennifer’s jewelry as FAB in person as it is on the website. If so, I have GOT to do some xmas shoppin’

  8. Chris

    I adore this color scheme and it’s really hard to pick a fav., but I’d have to say the purse! It’s just to die for! You look fab in that ad, btw!

  9. Night Beader

    Your bib necklace is so cool. I have been a fan of Aleene’s for years! I’ll have to look for the Fusion in my area. I thought I saw you at Art Unraveled in August? Love your blog and your Craft Lab show

    Beadily yours
    Susan Feldkamp
    Night Beader

  10. Michelle Lee Ann

    Thanks for the awesome glue related tips. By the time I close up shop at night (early morning) I fear the glue fumes have given me an altered state of consciousness. Liquid fusion and fabric fusion, here I come!


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