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This past week when I was not having the pee scared out of me on the airplane I flipped through the July 2007 issue of Elle. I firmly believe that Elle is the best of all the major fashion magazines, they always have the most amazing jewelry that much is fer sure (they featured NSC in Elle Accessories, but I need to work on getting into actual Elle). Actually let me go on a diatribe for a minute and mention that some magazines either don’t seem to feature jewelry at all anymore (Teen Vogue) or jewelry that is so delicate and similar to each other it’s hard to tell it is there at all (Lucky). Anywhoo, Elle always comes through for me even when it is telling me about small children using jewelry bits that I have coveted.

Hugh, what?

Well ya see this pirate themed necklace is apparently made by a little girl named Drew. I thought the necklaces on her site were pretty cute, she should set herself up a little Etsy store, but what I really noticed were the giant wooden pirate charms. Why? Because I know where she got them and how much they cost. If you live in Texas and attend the City Wide Garage Sale in Austin, Roundtop Flea Market or Fair Park Flea Market in Dallas you have seen this dealer (he actually sells all over the country). I really like his things, I really like him as a person, but he is SO EXPENSIVE. Last time I was perusing his booth he had these wooden pirate charms and I grabbed handfuls. When I went to check out he informed me that they were $10 a piece because Justin from Subversive Jewelry used them. That does not make them gold, that makes them wood (chipped wood at that). By the way thanks to Natalie for sending me the link to the article about Subversive Jewelry. I have been a fan of his from the first time several years ago when I laid eyes on his pieces at Barneys in New York. I had never seen anything like his jewelry and it seemed quickly everyone was mimicking his layered messy yet calculated chain style. OK so back to the pricey pirates and where I can find fun stuff like that for cheaper.

This dealer I mentioned goes around the country and I am sure buys out dead stock like all the other warehouses in the North East. I am taking a buying trip to Massachusetts and Rhode Island in a couple of weeks and was hoping you might have a suggestion as to where I should go shopping. Do you know some amazing bead places that you want to share? I’d prefer you email them to me (info@naughtysecretaryclub) rather than post them here in the comments. After all, in a world where everyone and their dog makes some sort of revamped vintage jewelry all you have are your obscure findings. So you don’t even have to tell me, but any suggestions on the two states for fun shopping would be greatly appreciated. I know a few warehouses to hit and obviously I am mainly going for the Brimfield Flea Market, but any tips are appreciated.

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  1. Crafty Chica

    i think it is weird that on drew’s site, it doesn’t have any real bio info about her – like what it is like to be in 6th grade and make jewelry. photos of her at work? her favorite flavor of ice cream? i’m just missing that emotinal connection. it almost looks made up. i hope her webmaster reads this and adds more personality to her site so she will go far!!! but dang, her prices are muy

  2. Angel

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