Jewelry Classes with Naughty Secretary Club

One of my very favorite stores in all of Austin has asked me to teach a couple of jewelry classes in April and I jumped at the chance! Craft-o-Rama is an adorable sewing lounge and craft store in South Austin that plays 80’s music all the time! I am teaching two different classes and registration has already started so if you are interested you might get a move on since there is only room for 8 people in each class. Not only will we be learning how to make jewelry we can also chat about running a small business, marketing, correct ways to open a jump ring and more – for 2 whole hours I am yours to quiz on all your hot burning questions. Email Hayley, call the store at 512-707-2405 or stop by (3100 S Congress Ave Austin, TX 78704) to sign up for the classes.

NEW! Charm Bracelet Class: Thurs. 4/24 6:30pm-8:30pm
Learn the fundamentals of jewelry making while whipping up your own one of a kind Revamped Vintage Charm Bracelet. This fun and informative 2 hour class will cover the basics of jewelry making like the difference between head and eye pins, wire wrapping, and how to open and close a jump ring. Class supplies include everything you need to make your charm bracelet! You will need flat and round nosed pliers as well as wire trimmers for this class. You will be able to buy a set from the instructor on day of class as well. Fee: $40 and includes materials.

NEW! Fabric Jewelry Class: Sat. 4/19 11am-1pm
And you thought fabric was just for sewing, oh no it is for jewelry making too. In this class we will talk about ways to use fabric in jewelry design. Each student will be able to make a ring, pony tail holder and two different bracelets! We will learn how to use a button covering kit, make a fabric quilting yo-yo and ribbon wrap a bangle bracelet. Not to mention lots of discussion throughout about incorporating in unusual elements like fabric into your jewelry design. Fee: $40 and includes materials

11 Responses to “Jewelry Classes with Naughty Secretary Club”

  1. Marilyn

    Me again! Definitely keep me posted and take this on the road!

    Also I responded to your comment but I guess I can say it here too. Flickr Toys generates the images links for you (for the Faves) so all you have to do is cut & paste.

  2. Anh - Eye C. Treasure

    It looks like I won’t make it to either one of those classes =(

    I would say Houston, but we’re close by that we can just drive up to Austin unlike the folks from above.

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