Jewelry and Jason Lee

Yesterday must have not been that exciting for our out of town guest Jeff because for the most part we sat at home. It was the day after a vacation so what did he expect. We did manage to go out for Thai Food at Madame Mam’s for lunch and then Magnolia Café for dinner. I’m going to gain 20 pounds while he is here from all the eating. In-between stuffing our face I started preparing for SXSW a bit. I have a shelf at Parts and Labour on S. Congress, right across from the cash registers and I stopped by the store twice yesterday to do some tweaking. I had a Naughty Secretary Club sign made for my booth and I brought in some new baubles for SXSW. Starting Thursday you can find my jewelry in two places on S. Congress. Parts and Labour and the parking lot behind Joe’s Coffee and Hotel San Jose. The Austin Craft Mafia has a booth there for the entire weekend! I have been making some rad new baubles for the event.

Another interesting thing from yesterday. While I sat and stuck price tags on jewelry Jeff and I watched The Alternative on VH1. this show is awesome, but makes me feel a bit sad and old. Sisters of Mercy and New Order videos. Another video we saw was 100% by Sonic Youth. As we were watching I realized the skater in the video is Jason Lee. As in from “My Name is Earl”. Sure I knew Jason used to be a pro skater, I just never knew he was in a Sonic Youth video. Weird dude.

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