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Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? I am a big fan of the more is more rationale. I ask because sometimes I think to myself “do I have too many choices on my website?” For instances there are 7 pages of Nostalgic Notions Necklaces to flip through on Naughty Secretary Club. This is on my mind today because it is 8am and my mom, sister, Karly and I are all about to drive an hour and a half east of Austin for the Roundtop Flea Market. I go every fall and spring and love it so much I scheduled my wedding around it. I find oodles of treasures there for my house and the website. I’ll be going 3 full days this week and won’t see all of it. I’ll try and blog about my scores. So back to my mental dilemma about too many choices… I am wondering all of this because as of late I have been considering also selling straight up vintage costume jewelry that I have not revamped in any way, just the way the jewelry Gods of yesteryear made it. What do you guys think of that? Do you buy vintage jewelry online? Would you? I was going to see what I can find this week and I have a bag full of necklaces and bracelets should I decide to go this route. I just wanted to test the waters with you first and get your opinion. Things have been a little slow with my new website and I am trying to figure out if maybe it is the overload of selection? Hmmmm. Ok I have to go slap on the sun block and lace up my tennis shoes. Keep your fingers crossed for big treasures!

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  1. Crafty Chica

    i love that there are so many choices, and i love all cute names you give them! you, by far, are definately a trend setter when it comes to your designs. maybe you can design a spring collection, call it something, and then limit it to x amount of goods and then sell the vintage stuff on going. honestly i think what you have now is pretty dang cool. i like that there is always new stuff to look

  2. Angel

    Hi Nice Blog .The independent Jewelry review store can’t offer the same size product selection because they don’t have the finances. The chain stores have better real estate, better product selection, and more money for advertising.


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