Jem is truly outrageous.

I had a little bit too much fun on Friday night so Chris and I spent New Years Eve at home watching Satisfaction. Have you seen this movie? It has Justine Bateman, Julia Roberts, Liam Neeson and some other no namers all playing a really bad rock cover band. It was all I could do to not fall off the couch when watching Justine Bateman stomp around on stage with a cowbell. It was like they told her to mimic Joan Jett and she did a really bad job. Poor Mallory.

Anyway the thing I think is interesting is the blonde girl who plays the druggie guitar player, she has a history. Britta Phillips is her name and you might know her as the voice of a way better band, Jem. That’s right Britta is truly outrageous as the voice of Jem, the lead singer of the holograms and nemesis to the Misfits. Britta went on to play guitar with Ben Lee and is now in the band Luna. You can always count on me for useless musical trivia.

Oh and don’t worry about me missing out on all of last nights festivities, I’m going to a tamale party this afternoon. Be sure to eat a tamale and some black eyed peas for luck today.

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