I’ve been a bad, bad blogger

Man have I been a total slack this week on the blog front. My trip to Atlanta wore me out and I am still recovering a bit. The only bits of hot gossip are that I totally revamped my shelf at Parts and Labour. Are you coming to town for SXSW swing by and check it out. New orange motif.

Tonight is going to be super fun for me. First I get to go to dinner at Mamacitas, my favorite restaurant in college. They make their own tortillas and have this weird lime green salsa that I love! Chris and I are meeting his mom and grandma for dinner and then we are off to San Antonio to see the Spurs play the Lakers. You see Chris’s grandmother LOVES basketball and has never been to a game so this was our Christmas present to her. If you are at the game tonight and see an 87 year old woman standing up yelling at the Lakers that would be Betty Lou.

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