It’s like I go on a shoe binge or bender.

It seems when I can not just get one pair of shoes at a time, I have to get several pairs. It’s like I go on a shoe binge or bender. These are my new favorite pair of shoes. I kept seeing this style shoes and they just felt a little granny to me. Yesterday when waiting to get my hair dyed back red at Pink I had some time to kill so I popped into Creatures next door and that is where I found my new favorite pair of shoes. They were on sale for 30% off too! They are by Terra Plana. I love the wooden heel, the white contrasting stitching, the crazy way they lace up and of course the bright pink neon fabric on the toe. Check out the boot version on Zappos. The only problem is they are really slick so I need to go scuff my feet on the sidewalk.

In my defense on the days I get a lot of shoes there is usually a trip to Payless involved. Hope had told me about a pair of red and white polka dotted platforms and how could I say no at $17. Then there was a pair of red patent sling back peep toe shoes for $7, I only have 12 pairs of red shoes. Next I bought a pair of brown suede boots for $14. They are similar to the black ones I have and I don’t have any brown boots. For another $14 I got these really odd leopard skin wedge heel boots that have a glam rock feel to them. I am going to get Hope to paint something on them for me in the vein of the Tijuana Donkey boots that I lament.

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