It’s Been Raining Crafts and Dogs

Well it’s not really raining, but there has been a lot of crafting and dog chatter going on around my house. I have been MIA because after my trip to Dallas got cancelled this weekend due to weather, my mom decided to come to Austin for a visit. When Fredda is in town that means craft city USA and that is exactly what happened.

The craftstravaganza started with a wild goose chase all over Austin looking for the right bobbin for my sewing machine, which proved to be fruitless. I got a new Viking from Santa and thought there was something wrong with me that I could not thread the bobbin, but after my mom could not do it either I knew I was not to blame. We ventured to a Joann’s where we learned that we had been sold the wrong bobbins and that is why there were kinks in the system. Once we were sent home with the one correct bobbin the dealer had we went on to sew 2 pin cushions and rework a T-shirt with a project from Tease that I will blog about in detail at a later date.

In other crafting news the Hancock fabrics near my house was having a 50% off sale and I went a little crazy. I think I bought almost every button cover kit they had in ¾”, scored some roving for my adventures in needle felting, more decorative ribbon and rick rack than I will ever use, tons of computer printer fabric, thread in every color and more. Everything but bobbins pretty much. Even bought a bobbin holder at 50% off that is currently empty.

The other favorite past time of my mother and I is to go antique shopping. This is the same woman who I went to Massachusetts with last year just to go to a flea market. We made the rounds of several local antique malls and for some reason I started noticing all the vintage crafts. From snowmen made of Golf Balls to kitties made of washcloths. I have recently been obsessed with vintage craft books and magazines so it was fun to see some of these projects from the books in real life.

I LOVE the doll head muff and must make one in my size!

The most exciting news around here is that Chris and I are expanding our family. That’s right I’m…….getting a new puppy. By some whim of God we found a rescuer here in Austin who had a Mastiff surrendered to her that was too far along for the vet to fix her so she had 12 puppies! On Sunday afternoon 4 6 week old mastiff puppies bounded around our backyard. The toughest part is picking which puppy! We are torn between a brindle and a fawn both are little girls and adorable. I wish I could have them all but since they will probably get to be 120 pounds-ish we can only have one. Lucy seemed to get along well with everyone except when one little one tried to nurse on her and she was not having that. And believe it or not our cat Georgie did not seem to be phased. We can’t get the puppy for 2 more weeks and that seems like 2 years right now. I am already reading my Monks of New Skete book about puppies and thinking deep thoughts about names.

Lucy loved the new puppies!

Kitty didn’t really care about the new puppies.

The Fawn Mastiff who we are currently leaning towards.

Her Brindle sister who is equally a-doorbell. It’s like Sophie’s Choice around here.

Mom and I stayed up until 3:30am last night. She was whipping up pin cushions out of my stock of vintage feedsack and I was making Valentine Day themed jewelry for my booth at Parts and Labour. Needless to say I am a little on the pooped side tonight.

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