It’s almost too cold to bathe.

Man has it gotten cold. I am here in my flannel jammies that have deer all over them, wooly socks and a purring kitty in my lap and I am still chilly. I am sure the diet coke is not helping matters. I want to jump in the bath to warm up, but I am waiting on the house keeper and she will need to clean the tub. Quickie shower will have to do.

If I wasn’t meeting someone from The Daily Texan for an interview at lunch and I wouldn’t even bother getting wet. Alas, I gotta clean up to go out in public. The girlie is doing a story on Chris and I’s record label Has Anyone Ever Told You? Pretty cool. Perfect timing too because Chris’s band Beta Valentine has a CD release show this Friday at End of an Ear around 8. should be a lot of fun with the Super Sonic Soul Squad dancing and Bigface spinning records. Free beer too.

Speaking of press Knit One magazine came out yesterday. It is a new mag by Vogue. See the picture here, that is from the magazine. I have a ton of jewelry in there actually. Click here to see my press page. Be sure and look at all of Vickie Howell’s stuff too, T-shirts and an article with her friend from Saturday Night Live, pretty dang cool.

Let’ see any other exciting bits of news? Erin came over for a bit last night with her dog who was puking. Chris and I watched Dead Ringers on Monday which was just as creepy as a I remembered it. I took jewelry to a girlie yesterday for Study Breaks Magazine. I added some new hand made Barkcloth Stockings to Naughty Secretary Club.

In the future besides Friday with Chris there is also Flicker on Thursday at the Alamo at 9:45, Saturday is Fabrication at The Parrish, Sunday I have to be up and in full wardrobe and makeup at 7AM for a reshoot of the intro to Stylelicious. It is also Hope’s birthday and Courtney and Matt’s annual Thanksgiving Pot Luck.

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