It was a pretty full week.

It’s Saturday morning my day off and I am already frustrated. I woke up too early because someone called my cell phone at the crack of dawn on the one of two days a week I get to sleep past 6am. My spider bite has now progressed to the fact that I have swollen glands. I need to leave to pick someone up from the airport in like 20 minutes. But most importantly I can’t get the stupid Flickr photo badge thing to work. Geez why does posting pictures on the internet always have to be such a drama I ask you?

All things considered I should not complain. My week of filming went swimmingly. All the people I am working with are super duper nice. Especially the director Gordon who lets me yell at him because he will yell back and neither of us care (there is your special mention). Last night after we finished we had a few well deserved beers in the parking lot and my friends Traci and Lisa came to join us. After that the three of us plus Vince, Kelsey and Sandra all went to dinner at Gordon Biersch.

Tonight I am unsure of my plans. As mentioned my friend Susann is coming in today. I know she wants to shop. We have also been invited to an art gallery opening in Santa Monica by one of yesterdays guest John Are who made an amazingly cool lamp out of acrylic sheets. Then one of my producers Pirooz also invited us to go and watch a zombie movie in a cemetery which sounds pretty cool too. I’ll just wait and see what Susann wants to do since she is the guest and all. Speaking of Pirooz the picture is of he and Traci check out his blog to see the cartoon he wrote about Craft Lab.

Speaking of guests since I have been a bad bad blogger this week, let me give you the rundown on who came on the show since we last chatted. We made concrete planters with Michel Newman. My good friend Traci Bautista and her wee little adorable dog Freedom came to stay with me. She was on two episodes one where we made crayon cupcakes and another where did graffiti and I got a rad pair of custom Vans out of the deal! The lovely ladies of Duncan came to visit and with both Allyson we worked on ceramics. Check out Alexis in the dress that Traci (yes Bautista) created for a new Duncan ad. Very cool. Oh and when the 4 of us (Traci, Alexis, Allyson oh and Autumn and I) all went out to dinner that night at Cobras and Matadors in Silver lake we saw two people from Grays Anatomy (Izzy and Dr. Gray) which apparently was a big deal, but I had never seen the show so I had no clue who they were. Mary O’ Brien stopped by the lab and we made a resin table. Complicated, but very cool. The adorable Vani Sodhi Gundara came with her wood burning gear and we all made cute little purses. Cathi Milligan brought metal clay and glass cutting to Craft Lab. Both episodes were awesome and that sweetie left me an amazing skull sconce. I can’t believe I did not devote an entire blog to Addi Somekh and his balloon art. We made balloon hats, but the best part was his band Unpoppable played on the show and his bass is made with balloons. No really. Yvonne Palermo was on two episodes one where we did transfer art and another where we carved huge pieces of foam into an Egyptian piece of art. It was pretty rad and has some awesome possibilities. Katy Parks Wilson and I made a photo collage into a floral arrangement. A really cool artist from San Diego named Alisa Burke came up and we made graffiti art and then reupholstered a chair with it! Then remember me telling you how I went to host boot camp last year with Erin Murphy who played Tabitha on the TV show Bewitched? Well she was sweet enough to come on the show and be a Crafter. The picture is one of the episodes.

so overall it was a pretty full week.

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