Interviews, Rocky Dennis and Pinecones

If your looking for something to read over your lunch break today I have a couple of suggestions. Mistress of Ceremonies at Felt Club in Los Angeles Jenny Ryan interviewed me for Craft Zine recently. We chat about The Naughty Secretary Club Book and running an online business. I especially like that Jenny opted to use the picture of me with a giant pine cone taken this summer in LA at a crafty BBQ!

Over at the Jewelry and Beading Blog you can find a new book review of The Naughty Secretary Club and also see Cyndi’s version of the Office Hanky Panky Bracelet which I think turned out adorable.

Also thanks tons to the ladies of the Manchester Craft Mafia for mentioning the book on your blog.

Hope your Friday is going well and that you have fun plans for the weekend. I spent the entire day yesterday making jewelry for Austin City Limits, be sure to stop by the Austin Craft Mafia booth if you are coming to town for the festival. Wednesday I filmed a quickie interview for Threadbanger which will be in their upcoming jewelry episode where you can win copies of the book! Today I am doing a Pod Cast with Diane of Crafty Pod which should be fun. I just got through watching Mask for the umpteenth time and never realized that Rocky Dennis was a real person. I also never realized that Jens Lekman did a whole EP about him. I think I heart Jens even more now. Oh and don’t forget to enter to win some of those door prizes, tomorrow is the final day for the contest!

3 Responses to “Interviews, Rocky Dennis and Pinecones”

  1. Marilyn

    I always enjoy reading your interviews, it never gets old. 🙂 I have pretty cool plans this weekend but they may be washed out thanks to Hurricane Hanna 🙁

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Gee thanks Marilyn, I was wondering if everyone was getting sick of hearing me tell where the name Naughty Secretary Club came from and was over the story about me and the fishing lure earrings. I once read a story that The White Stripes would tell a different story to every reporter about how they got their start, where their name came from, how they met, ect. I should start doing that to


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