I’m Dreaming of a Kitschy Christmas – A Decorated Home Tour

I thought I would share a few pictures. A friend who came over in October asked me: “Do you go as all out for Christmas as you do Halloween?” I promptly replied “no”. The sad thing is I thought I was telling the truth. However, now that Christmas is up and all over the place I see that clearly I decorate just as much for Christmas, if not more.

These pictures are of my bar (which no longer holds booze, but instead kids craft supplies) and the shelf above. In this close up you can see the elf we are using to play the Elf on the Shelf game.

Right around the corner from the bar is a dollhouse that I rescued from my mother and decked out for Christmas. Thanks Corey Moortgat for the inspiration. I’m also in love with my new clock from World Market.

Next is the little shelf above my kitchen sink. My father-in-law was so proud of me for actually having green trees this year. I said I had always had green trees, but he informed me that lime green tinsel didn’t count.

This is my view while standing at the sink out into the game room. Those two sided picture frames from Ikea are perfect here.

Here is the opposite side looking into the kitchen.

Also from World Market I got a new cookie jar to add to my collection.

I didn’t do much in the dining room this year. We never eat in there and I will be renting tables to serve Christmas dinner in my game room. I did however decorate this one little area. Yes I jumped on the tree atop a car bandwagon and yes that is the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard.

My most prized holiday decoration hangs in the dining room, a wreath made by mom Fredda Perkins.

The living room is where we spend most of our time so it is where I did most of the decorating. There are 25 trees in this room alone.

Did I organize the top shelf with just red, green and white books? You bet I did.

Right next to the book shelf is this little set up. I love the candy striped clothes line and clips from Target. They are for holding cards, but we use them to display the kids Christmas crafts.

My mother donated some of her vintage Santas to me a few years back. I’m a lucky girl I know.

You might recognize the coke crate advent calendar I made last year. I’m totally smitten on the elf band that sits on top. Thanks again mom!

Same wall, different angle. I was stoked to find this vintage Fisher-Price Christmas ad on eBay.

Across the room above the fireplace the pointy toed pom pom fringe endowed stockings are hung on the chimney with care. A glitter covered deer created by my sister Hope Perkins acts as the centerpiece for my hula hoop wreath.

Never mind Jake and the Neverland Pirates on the TV. Here is the entertainment center this year. I went with a pink, red and purple theme.

I found this Santa my mom made in the 70’s in a closet and promptly brought him home with me.

Elves, Putz Houses and blow molds – oh my!

When you have small children who tend to pull things like big Christmas trees down your only choice is to put them up high.

This is my first year of dipping into the world of color coordinated Christmas, I’m kinda feeling the pink.

Speaking of a color coordinated Christmas let’s come full circle and step back into the game room, this time on the opposite end of the room from the bar.

I kinda threw a little bit of everything in the green or blue realm up on top of these bookshelves, but I think it works.

I hope the giant fish appreciates that I did all of this to match him.

Last, but not least is one lone teal tree across from the blue bookshelves.

So what do you think? Too much? Wanna see what the house looked like for Christmas 2011? Oh and there are more pictures on Flickr. Now that I have admitted to myself that I love decorating for Christmas as much as I do Halloween I am dreaming about the kitshcy holiday shopping at this year’s Round Top flea market.

5 Responses to “I’m Dreaming of a Kitschy Christmas – A Decorated Home Tour”

  1. Betty Crafter

    If you love shopping for Halloween at Roundtop, just wait til you start shopping Christmas there! Some of my favorite Christmas things ever have come from there.

  2. giddy girlie

    I love adding holiday touches to my existing decor (I'm a "scene creator" like you — I have bits and baubles all over in nooks and shelves) but I inevitably have to move things out for the holidays. How do you store your "regular" decor during the holidays? I have never found a satisfying way to do it, myself. I always end up shoving things into the back bedroom and just

  3. Anonymous

    Love your Krazy Kristmas decor!!! I. Wondering how long it takes to put up and take down.


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