If It Ain’t Broke, Spray Paint It!

Speaking of spray painting suitcases, here is a reprint from the zine of an article my sister Hope Perkins of Hot Pink Pistol wrote entitled: If It Ain’t Broke, Spray Paint It.

You know if you have to show your ID to purchase something its gotta be good. Spray Paint, yes spray paint can breath new life into things once thought of as useless. Stop passing up those yellow strappy heels you keep giving the hungry eyes to at the thrift store. Now those heels have a reason to be bought and worn. Spray Paint em’! That’s right, spray paint can transform even the barfiest shade of green into any color your little heart desires.

Shoes are not the only accessory that spray paint can make over. Those useless white clutch purses that are inevitably at every thrift store in America are no longer just taking up space. Yes, those too can be spray painted. Turn that boring white clutch into a sassy cherry red evening bag with shoes to match.

Now as you have probably guessed these items are not exactly going to withstand the test of time. They will definitely hold up for at least two outings of bar hopping.

Here are some hints about selecting shoes and purses that will take the brunt of spray paint better than others.

– Stay away from suede and fabric.
– Purses that are not pliable and do not bend will do better.
– Plastic or hard leather are your best bets.

Once you have found your victims and the perfect shade of spray paint lay down some newspaper, do I really need to mention to do this outside? All that is left to do now is spray away. One can should work for two coats on a pair of shoes and a small purse.

Let the items dry completely and you are good to go. Now you have no excuse not to coordinate every pair of heels with a purse. So go ahead and get those doo-doo brown pumps, cause if it ain’t broke you can always spray paint it!

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