I would of course have to get one for kitty too.

A young lady was nice enough to inform me that I have a necklace in the June/July issue of Cosmo Girl. I had almost forgotten about them contacting me a couple of months ago with a picture of Mischa Barton and saying “What do you have that looks like this necklace”. I think I did pretty good. Of course the Naughty Secretary Club version is way chunkier and gaudier, but hey. Supposedly Mischa Barton has several pieces of my jewelry. I sent some things to a shoot for a Keds ad campaign and Mischa asked to keep several of my pieces. How do you say no to that? I hope she likes everything, now if she would just wear it in a tabloid or on the OC that would be awesome!

In other news I took Lucy to the vet yesterday. Did I mention she has been hobbling and progressively getting worse and worse? Erin took X-Rays of her and apparently she hardly has any hip bones left her arthritis is so bad. We give her medicine here and we take her for weekly shots. Well this past week there was a raccoon on our porch and she got very excited and decided to jump around and make a big fuss. Fine for a puppy, for an 80 pound 12 year old dog – not cool. So she has torn some crazy ligament in her knee and can not walk on that leg. Bless her heart; Chris has to carry her outside for her to use the bathroom. She does not appear to be in pain or anything since she rolls around on the floor with her chew toys and demands to have her belly rubbed. We have an appointment on Thursday morning with a surgeon to get her knee all taken care of. We will have her good as new and back on her nightly walks in a jiffy. In the meantime Chris and I are looking into one of those weird tent/cart things that parents put on the backs of their bikes to pull their toddlers around in. I think Lucy might dig that. I would of course have to get one for kitty too. I need to ask the doctor if that would be OK.

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