I would not have been sad if the scary geese were to have blown up.

Geese scare me a little bit. Today my mom and I went walking around this park here in McKinney called Town Lake, we went 2 whole laps which is about 2.5 miles. The park is right across the street from where I went to High School. The old alma mater still looked the same, so did Town Lake for that matter. They did have these new really cool paddle boats that were shaped like Swans that tickled my fancy. Speaking of swans there is also quite the congregation of ducks and geese around the lake. People come and feed them stale bread and such. The geese have always kind of scared me because they have been known to bite. I was making my mother speed up when we were walking past their turf. My mother likes to think of them as a gang and referred to them as the “East Side Quackers”. She said once one ran after her and bit her on the calf. So needless to say these geese put the fear of Jesus in me.

Town Lake has lots of memories for me. There were days when I didn’t quite feel like being at school when a gaggle of us bad kids would walk across the street and hang out there in the park. I saw today from the small group of Teens that this is still a popular past time. One of my very favorite Town Lake memories involves myself and the Smith family. Erin has been my best friend since grade school in McKinney and now lives in Austin and is still my best friend. Her mother Linda was my Campfire Girl Leader and I grew up around her brother Brian. Well Linda was also Brian’s Boy Scout Leader. When we were in high school and going through that “we don’t like adults or authority stage”, including Linda, Erin and I were forced to attend Brian’s Eagle Scout Ceremony at Town Lake. It was a big production that involved Brian paddling across the small man made lake in a canoe and I believe fire torches were involved. Erin and I’s job was to film this rite of passage with the family video camera, which we did like good girls. The sad thing is I believe we narrated the whole event with singing the Wicked Witch of the East theme song anytime Erin’s mom came on camera and more than once referring to her brother as a dork. We were not quite smart enough to think ahead that the video camera not only taped images AND sounds. I believe our little snot nosed narrations got played back at the first viewing of the tape, which was also next boy scout meeting, and we were officially fired as the camera crew.

As I typed I remember another story about Town Lake. The part about it being man made triggered this little nugget. I was in high school when they were digging the lake it’s self. I remember all of the sudden the high school filling with the smell of natural gas. Actually if you wanna get really technical natural gas is odorless but they add something to it so you can detect it. Well that day my sophomore year of high school you could detect it. Apparently when digging out the lake they hit a gas pipe of some sort. I can remember the principles coming on the speakers in the school trying to remain calm and telling the students to basically get the hell out of dodge. It was chaos with everyone leaving campus in an unorganized manner. I also remember them urging everyone not to smoke or light matches until they were far away. Being the average age of 16 this of course made everyone spark up in rebellion. God were we cool. Obviously you have never heard the legend of the high school that exploded from a gas leak, so as you might imagine the leak got fixed and I went back to school the next day. But there was almost high drama and I remember it vividly. I would not have been sad if the scary geese were to have blown up, but I guess the lake was not built yet so they were not living there yet. And truthfully I don’t want any harm to come to those geese I just don’t want them to bite my tush and squawk at me.

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