I wonder if there is a union for jewelry makers?

This morning I woke up around 6 for some odd reason. It was one of those mornings where I just could not go back to sleep no matter how hard I tried because I kept tossing and turning thinking about everything I have to do before I leave for Los Angeles. Sitting on the floor in front of my coffee table making jewelry assembly line style is somehow comforting. Oddly I was watching Norma Rae as I made oodles of Black Bloom Necklaces, Carved Coral Rings and Disco Fever Earrings. I wonder if there is a union for jewelry makers? Anyway, lots of jewelry later I am kind of flittering around thinking of what to do next. I know at some point today I am going to restock Parts and Labour. I am about to get a new and exciting shelf there! I think Chris and I might go to lunch at Vespio as well. French fries and mussels sound good. That will make a whole lot of S. Congress for me.

Last night was our photo shoot for Jewell Magazine. Jen A and I were posed in an alley way right off of S. Congress that has some awesome graffiti. The amazing Justin Cox was the photographer so I have no doubt all the pictures will come out great. After pictures I walked down to San Jose where I met a gaggle of people that included an old friend of mine from McKinney, Chris Wall. So today as mentioned I will be back down on S. Congress for lunch and Restocking, but I also have a Stitch meeting on S. Congress tonight! I like the place and all, but man at this rate I might as well get a vacation home there.

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