I want a cupcake scarf & knitting prosthetic dog ears.

It’s weird that yesterday it was 80 degrees and sunny and now today it is about 50 degrees and drizzling. Oh Texas winters are a fickle beast. I took advantage of the sun yesterday and skipped the gym and walked around my neighborhood instead. Outside in the elements as opposed to inside in the air conditioning sure makes a difference. I capped of my Friday with a trip to Side Bar for my friend Cameron’s birthday. In a coincidence my friend Alonzo was also there celebrating his birthday so it was like a double whammy. I made the mistake of drinking a red bull on my way down town last night so I was up until 4. Did you know you can add 300 profile pictures to you’re My Space account now? I think I added 60. I was up till 4 looking at old photos and reminiscing.

Today Erin, Chris and I went and saw Children of Men. I never go to the movies for some strange reason. I am addicted to Netflixs is probably the main reason. Anyway I thought the movie was really good, but since I go every 6 months I am easily amused. Also today I have been shopping online for warm winter clothing. I am going to Vermont in February to film a DIY special and apparently it gets to be a high of maybe 13 degrees. Needless to say I don’t have a lot of winter clothing. I am so sad that Ms. Twinkie Chan is not currently selling her rad cupcake and pancake scarves because that is my first choice of what to wear on the show. Picture me on the sleigh ride with the other DIY hosts in a cupcake scarf. I guess I will just have to wear my Austin Craft Mafia scarf by Lulette. I have also been perusing the hats by Monica Burnett. I have one of her headbands and adore it!

In other news today and speaking of headgear I wanted to mention a sad story about a wee little earless puppy named Noel. A rad lady I once had the pleasure of meeting in Chicago named Bernie Berlin rescues animals in her spare time from crafting. Recently she found a dog named Noel who had been used as bait for dog fights. My friend Claudine is trying to let people know about Noel and how to help her. Claudine and Vickie both made adorable prosthetic ears for the dog so she could feel pretty. If you wanna help Noel or the other animals Bernie helps click here.

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