I stopped when I was considering using a small plate as a pendant.

Yesterday I woke up feeling all kinds of creative. I started thinking about going to the Renegade Craft Fair in June and thinking I need to bring some really special one of a kind things that are not even on the web site. There are going to be a lot of amazing crafty peeps at this thing I am gonna have to bust some booty for my jewelry to stand out at all. I think I made 12 necklaces yesterday, pictured are a few, by the end of the day they were all getting progressively bigger and bigger. I stopped when I was considering using a small plate as a pendant. No really.

Last night we had an Austin Craft Mafia meeting at Jenny’s house. We tore through that agenda, I was so proud of us. Afterwards we all stood around and talked about things like shopping carts (I am hearing Miva is good), big companies stealing designs from little companies, Contractors (I am in desperate need of a good one to do some work on my house) and other deep and meaningful issues.

After the meeting Hope and I came back to my house for our own meeting on my back porch. Seems like this is the new party place as of late. It was not long before Cory and Jason came to join us. When Erin got off work she came by and eventually Chris finished band practice and came out for a bit. Actually it was not a party at all and I was in bed before 12 watching some awful Gena Davis movie where she is a mom and an assassin.

So that was my day. Today I am on my way to the vets here in a jiffy. I need to pack for my trip to Dallas tomorrow. My friends Claudine Hellmuth and Traci Bautista are teaching at the Art and Soul retreat in Dallas so I am going home for mothers day and stopping by to see them. They were both guests on Craft Lab with me and are amazingly talented artists and all around cool peeps.

Oh and don’t forget to watch Stylelicious tomorrow. Karly, Tina and Susann are gonna rock the “Old to New” episode.

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