I scheduled my wedding around the same flea market.

I know you are blue in the face of me talking about it, but today is the premiere of our new TV show STYLELICIOUS! Please be sure to tune in 1:30pm Central. Here is what today’s show is about…

The fashionistas take vintage clothing and make them into custom creations. First, we get some tips on vintage clothes shopping from Jen Barker-Benfield, who runs a vintage shop called Blue Velvet. Host Karly Hand converts a blazer into a boat-neck jacket with a few snips and some basic sewing skills. Host Jesse Kelly-Landes takes an ordinary A-line skirt and gives it a mod feel with some appliqué.

The sad thing is, I am not even going to be able to watch. Why? Because I am headed off to Roundtop, AKA the second largest flea market in the country. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for me that I score tons of goodies. Is it weird that I am missing the premiere episode of my own TV show for a flea market? Not as weird as the fact that I scheduled my wedding around the same flea market 3 years ago. I take junk shopping very serious.

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