I never knew I was a paper crafts kind of girl.

You know you would think after just spending 6 weeks in Los Angeles doing nothing but crafting I would be sick to death of it. What did I do all day yesterday since it was rainy outside, crafted. I made a pilgrimage to Hobby Lobby and just combed the aisles. There were a few specific things I was looking for. Ya know I never thought of myself as a paper arts or card making kind of girl but after a few incidents on Craft Lab, I think I might be. I love layering all the different styles and types of paper and making cool collages. Speaking of collages my friend Traci (who’s hair I stole) had given me a bunch of her collage paper and then when we cleaned out my grandmother’s house this summer I had snagged all her old wrapping paper. I also had my own major stash of wrapping paper at home. So at Hobby Lobby I bought some scrap booking paper, craft paint, glitter top coat, wood cut outs and a few other random things. I came home and dug out my embossing powders and gun, Modge Podge, spray paint, old books, big earrings and more and started to play. What was born were some wacky crazy big pieces of jewelry. I am spending today deciding what kind of protective top coat to use. There are three major options I am deciding between at this point. I’ll keep you posted on how it all works out and looks for these baubles on Naughty Secretary Club soon. I would especially like to point out the orange pair at the bottom with the ferocious looking little animals. They are a bunny and an opossum from an old children’s book. Creepy and hilarious, my favorite.

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