I Miss All the Fun Austin Stuff

I go out of town for the first time pretty much all year and of course two awesomely fun things happen in Austin and on the same day to boot! Craft Magazine along with one of my favorite Austin bloggers, Rachel Hobson is hosting a release party at The Workshop (where there will be Naughty Secretary Club door prizes)! The exact same day across town Rare Magazine is hosting a shopping extravaganza called the Rarest of All. If you are free in Austin next Sunday be sure to stop by The Workshop and The Monarch for all the festivities. I’ll be there in spirit.

Speaking of Rare and Craft…. Word has it there might be a little something fun in an upcoming issue of Rare about fun ways to recycle the magazine when you are done with it. Just take a peak at the cover of The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girls Guide to Handmade Jewelry for an example. Also thanks to Craft for mentioning my latest round of classes on your blog! Woo-hoo! While you guys are here in Austin partying with Craft I’ll be in Los Angeles attending a crafty BBQ hosted by Craft Magazine’s Jenny Ryan and Creative Juices Cathie Fillian!

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  1. Average Jane Crafter

    Thanks for the shout out, Jen! (and for the kind words … sheesh, I’m blushing over here!) I’m bummed you will miss it, but I’m excited for all the cool stuff you’ll be doing out in Los Angeles.

    And I’d heard about the Rare event, but didn’t realize how absolutely RAD it’s going to be! Amy’s? Titos? Breakdancers? I’m thinking I need to just go straight there from the CRAFT event!


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