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As I mentioned yesterday I’m a little obsessed with the whole initials carved into the tree thing. So much so that I had to try my hand at it. Since it is Tallulah’s first Valentines Day I decided I would make her a carved tree softie. Who says initials in trees are only for couples, what about moms and babies? So cozy in for a sewing, dying, painting, pillow kinda I Love to Create.

Tulip Fabric Markers
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint
Tulip Fabric Dye
Paint Brush
White Fabric
Green Fabric
Sewing Machine & Stuff

Like most of my craft projects this plushie started in one direction and ended up completely different. My friend Noelle was sweet enough to give me some fabric that looked like woodgrain. However, in the end I decided to make my own. Using a black Tulip Fabric Marker I drew a woodgrain pattern onto white cotton fabric. You can make the pattern as detailed as you would like.

Once I had the wood pattern drawn onto my white fabric it was time to make my tree trunk brown. Follow the instructions on the package.

Using green fabric (if you had more white fabric you could always dye it green) draw a circle or more random pattern for your tree top. Cut out the fabric and pin right sides together, stitch leaving a small slit, turn right side out stuff and hand sew the slit closed.

Do the same thing with your tree trunk and then sew them together.

Once the pillow was completely stuffed and sewn I painted a heart with the words: “Mom + Lulu”. Now Tallulah and I have our own sweetheart tree!

5 Responses to “I Love to Create – Wood You Be Mine”

  1. Whitney

    Have nothing to do with making a tree (even though it is very cute), I'm wearing my fabulous charm bracelt you taught me how to make at Monday's class and LOVE IT! Totally chearing up a rainy day in Austin indeed. Thanks again. Whitney Hyde

  2. alia

    Your model is so cute. Its been a while, i wanted to make stuff like this but it seems that i am so busy with work.


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