I Love to Create: Tartan Tiara

Recently I was asked to whip up a few tiaras and crowns for an advertising campaign. I can’t say for whom, and I still don’t know if any of my creations were chosen, but I did want to share. Everyone needs to feel like a princess or a queen from time to time whether it is your birthday or while you are vacuuming the floor. That being the case this week for I Love to Create I have an easy tutorial for you to make your own crown. Not a stupid bedazzled one with boa feathers that says Diva, no I hope you would know me better than that. These crowns are what I like to think are the new feather headband, slouchy knit beret or a kitschier fascinator.

Collage Pauge Instant Decoupage
Fabric Scraps
Plastic Crown or Tiara

I opted for plaid with my crown, but you can use any fabric you like. The smaller the print in your fabric the better, that way you can see the color and pattern. Cut your fabric up into small strips about .5”s wide and 5”s in length. You will need tons so cut yourself a small pile before you get started.

Once your pile o’ strips is ready it’s time to get your fingers dirty. Poor yourself some decoupage and dredge your fabric strip so that it is completely saturated and begin wrapping. You will repeat this over and over until your entire tiara is covered with fabric.

Once your decoupage has dried completely take your crown outside and give it a good blast with a can of clear spray paint. Allow this to dry completely.

The only thing left to do is wear your tiara out. You might practice wearing your crown around the house while you work up the courage to wear it out in public. However, once you do expect doors to be opened for you and drinks to be on the house. You might want to practice your prom queen wave before you leave the home.

I thought I would leave you with some pictures of the other tiaras I made. If you open a magazine and see one, you will know that the deal panned out!

Cowgirl Hat Headband – The perfect accessory for a Loretta Lynn concert.
New Years Eve Tiaras – Bust out the pipe cleaners.
Join Me In Crafty Crime – Check out the headband and fabric jewelry I made using Fabric Fusion.
Putting It On – Ever seen the episode of Stylelicious where I make headbands?

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  1. chinamommy

    Ohhhh, i like the plastic flower one!!! my 5 yr old & i just got done watching Craft Lab (we DVR it)- we are BIG fans!!
    Misschell & Kennedy


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