I Love to Create: Plain Earring Revamp

If you are like me you have some jewelry in your stash that at one time made your heart go pitter patter and now just makes you go ho-hum. No reason those earrings can’t get a facelift and make your heart skip a beat all over again. All you need is a few basic craft supplies and a little painting talent (thank God my sister Hope Perkins helped me with this project). Today on I Love to Create we are revamping a pair of earrings with paint and fabric scraps!

Shell Earrings
Paint Brush
Crafty Chica Glossy Gloss Varnish
Collage Pauge
Tulip Fabric Paint

First you start by sketching out your design. Round and oval earrings lend themselves naturally to becoming faces. White Tulip paint was added as a base where the face would be going.

After your white paint has dried go back in with Tulip Slick Paint which has a fine tip to add details such as eyelashes.

Using a fine tipped paint brush and accent paint add the little touches that will make your earrings pop like pink lips and highlights in the hair.

Using a coordinating piece of fabric, a small scrap works great, add a headband or hat. We cut our strip and adhered to the earrings with Collage Pauge. Once the whole thing had dried we covered with a top coat of Glossy Gloss.

What was once lost in the bottom of your jewelry drawer is now found on the top of your vanity! Check out a few more examples of earrings like these by Hope Perkins on Naughty Secretary Club and Flickr.

14 Responses to “I Love to Create: Plain Earring Revamp”

  1. Kathleen in PA

    Wonderful! Love the ucycling thing so much. I esp love the little sixties hair on her. I've got lots of earrings I apply this technique to.

  2. Relaby

    very nice…luv wearing earrings so much and i like those with unique designs/not ordinary…..i still have plenty of raw shells in my warehouse….now you gave me an idea….thanks c",)


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