I Love to Create – Peace, Love, Sand & Mushrooms

I have to give my mom a lot of credit on this project.  She came up with the idea and executed most of the sanding.  We both have a soft spot for sand art, vintage crafts and polka dotted mushrooms (check out how to make your own Polka Dotted Mushroom Stool and Terrarium Picture Frame).  Going to college in the 60’s mom has never been able to completely shake that love of mushroom art and today I am especially thankful for that.  
Small board, canvas or piece of Masonite
Using some groovy vintage embroidery patterns my mom drew an image of a mushroom and some bugs.  In retrospect a more simplistic design would have probably been easier, but we are always up for a crafty challenge.
One color of sand at a time we painted with glue and then sprinkled sand on top.  My mom said this project reminded her of Vacation Bible School it reminded me of my Black Eyed Pea Owl.  We outlined the mushroom and frame in black sand to make it pop.
It took a few days and a lot of sand, but eventually the picture was finished and looked just like something you would see in a college dorm in 1974.  In other words it turned out perfect!  My sandy little retro mushroom is the perfect piece to set out and welcome spring.  Now what to do with all that left over sand?  I have a whole book on sand painting for terrariums that has been calling my name.

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