I Love to Create – Nanakuli Nightlight

I’ve always been smitten on soap with doll bodies stuck inside, cakes that look like doll dresses & vintage nightlights where a woman’s skirt is the light source.  I actually have a skirtless base of one of these lamps sitting in my studio that was the inspiration for today’s I Love to Create project.

Night Light Kit
Small Wooden Disc
Wooden Disc
Small Lamp Shade
Fabric Scrap
Ribbons & Trim
First things first I had to get my naked doll dressed.  My mother and I fastened her frock out of a vintage piece of Hawaiian Muumuu and Fabric Fusion Glue.  You want to make sure the dress is long enough to cover not only the doll, but when you stand her on top of the small lamp shade the dress should also cover that.
Her dress needed a little something extra so we made her a felt bustier which was attached also using Fabric Fusion Glue.
We could have stopped there, but why playing dress up is so much fun.  With a few more last minute touches like a sun hat, gold belt and purple flowers we were ready to light our lady up.
After we were done playing Project Runway with our doll it was time to start constructing the base of the lamp.  Using Liquid Fusion Glue I attached a small wooden disc to the top of my lamp shade.
Once my wooden disc had tried atop my lamp shade I used Liquid Fusion Glue to attach my doll to the wooden disc.


My mother the queen of power tools drilled a large hole in the wooden base to stick the nightlight kit through.  She also bore out a small path for the wire to run so the lamp would still sit flat on a table.
All that was left to do was plug in my new nightlight in all her Hawaiian/Antebellum glory.
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