I Love to Create: How to Have a Onesie Making Party!

Welcome to my first ever I Love to Create blog post! I Love to Create is a new exciting website with tons of fun how-to projects brought to you by the people behind some of your favorite crafting products like Aleene’s Glues, Tulip Fashion Glitter and of course the glittery goodness of the Crafty Chica line! I’ll be posting an I Love to Create report every Thursday right here with the usual craftiness you expect from Naughty Secretary Club like how to guides, interviews, book reviews and more! Oh and by more I mean some contests, like today you could win a package of Crafty Chica Fabric Markers (see the bottom for details)!

For my first report I thought I would tie in the weekly onesie how-to we have been chatting about. Thus far we have chatted about embroidery and personalized appliques. This past Saturday was my onesie making baby shower and all my crafty friends plus a whole lot of craft supplies equaled outfit awesomeness. This is one well dressed baby and he or she is not even born yet. Join me in a pictorial guide to how to throw your own onesie making party!

STEP 1: Invite your friends. Hope and I whipped up a custom invitation using the skills we chatted about back in December in the Handmade Hellos post using an image from a vintage book called The Life Cycle Library for Young People. This couple was putting together nursery furniture so it seemed perfect.

Step 2: Decide what crafts you want your guests to conquer. I opted for embroidery by Sublime Stitching, tons of Tulip Fabric Paint, stencils by Stencil 1, fabric markers from the Crafty Chica, fabric appliqués and iron ons by Sukie and custom ones made using Tulip Photo Transfer Paper. Secure your supplies and of course your onesies. We went for a mix of sizes so that Lil’ Whip has an array of handmade outfits up to about a year old. Also there is nothing wrong with buying onesies at the thrift store, they are .69 and often come in cuter patterns than you kind find at Target and Babies R’ Us.

Step 3: Set up stations and have plenty of work space. A girl needs elbow room to craft the perfect onesie so give it to her. Just look at my sister Hope using a cocktail umbrella as a paint stamp to make polka dots and Karly and Courtney weilding a Crafty Chica fabric marker! Each of our tables was stocked with supplies including a few craft books for inspiration. There was also a hot iron in the ready for appliqués and iron ons.

Step 4: Show off your handy work. We set up clothing lines in either corner of the room so that people could pin their onesies on the line to let them dry and show them off. It was so fun to see everyone’s handy work and some ladies opted to make 2 or 3!

Who says baby showers have to be lame? Most people dread them and can’t wait to leave, my friends stayed late and I could barely tear the paint out of their hands. What kinds of fun activities have you done at baby showers? Have you been to any other onesie making parties? What did you do there? Leave me a comment and let me know and you could win a package of Crafty Chica fabric markers so that you can decorate your own onesie! You have until Next Thursday February 12th to enter.

P.S. Thanks Vickie Howell and Cory Ryan for the pictures!

56 Responses to “I Love to Create: How to Have a Onesie Making Party!”

  1. Blue Mama

    I did see one other onesie decorating party at a baby shower. Many of the guests were (male) tattoo artists so there were many skull-themed onesies. Very cute! I didn’t partake in the awesomeness, sadly.

    I would love to be entered to win the markers, I love me some Crafty Chica and I could use those to make V-day presents!

  2. Pattie Cordova

    So cute! That is going to be one well-dressed bebe. We had a bunch of funny games at my baby shower – though now I wish I could have had this type of a party!

  3. Electric

    Wow, that is such a clever idea and now you have some amazing, thoughtful, one-of-a-kind clothes for your little one. A friend of mine is 5 months gone and while baby showers haven’t really taken off in the UK I’m definately gonna make her a cute onesie for her first little girl.

  4. robyn

    here’s hoping i have some friends get knocked up soon, so i can throw a party like this! such a great way to have a baby shower!

  5. Sommer

    I have been to many many boring baby showers. I love the idea of a onesie making party!!!

    You are always so creative Jen.

    <3 sommer

  6. Garcia Family

    At my baby shower my sister had our guests write inspirational things on newborn sized diapers, so that when I was up late at night or early morning changing diapers I would have a nice little note to lift my tired spirits. We also played a game where we smeared baby food into diapers and teams of 3 had to guess what the food was. It was really gross! Especially the green beans (looked like real

  7. Soapylove

    Yes! My sister hosted my baby shower and had a onesie painting station. It was great because even the kids who came really enjoyed making them! My favorite was a little shirt that said “what does a giraffe say?” So cute!

  8. Carin

    This was such a cute idea and a fun party Jen!
    Can we do it again for 1st BDay? Decorate T-shirts? 😉 xoox

  9. textile_fetish

    Oh yeah, I hosted a small shower several years ago for a friend where the guest used fabric pens to personalize onsies. It was fun! I wish there had been more alcohol. No, wait, that might have made the expectant mother sad. OK, it WAS fun. Some of the designs, like the string bikini were hilarious.

  10. karly / design crisis

    This really was the best baby shower, ever. Luckily it will be another couple of years before I have one for myself, so most of the ladies will be ready to do it again…. I’m so stealing your idea!

  11. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Ok why didn’t someone think of the string bikini at the shower, that sounds awesome. We did have a western shirt made.

    Carin um you are about to have yourself another baby we could always have another onesie making shower for you!

    Debbie the giraffe onesie sounds a-doorbell.

    Jenny I love your owl onesie oh so much. The fabric applique ones are some of my very

  12. Knit Purl Gurl

    I haven’t gone to a onesie decorating party but I HAVE been to a bib decorating party. Pretty much the same thing – without the embroidery and applique. We all used stencils, fabric paint, puffy fabric paint.. The host took all of the bibs home to ‘cure’ and then gifted them to our preggo friend. It was really cute! I’d LOVE to win the fabric markers!!! 🙂

  13. Lisa

    For my niece's 12th birthday sleepover, I wet to the dollar store and bought a bunch of wood 8×10 frames and we painted them and decorated them with all sorts of costume jewelry. We did a video of Gwen Stephanie's B-ANANA (in wild make up & costumes and used a still photo from the video to place in the girl's frames…loads of fun!

  14. maria

    I’ve done the onesie making party a couple of times, and it’s always a hit. We used a sprayable dye at one with stencils and everything turned out very cool. I’ve also had guests make Christmas ornaments, scrapbook pages and quilt squares at baby showers. I pretty much will do anything to avoid playing baby shower games.

  15. hybridhopes

    sister-in-law had a onesie decorating party / baby shower. If only we would’ve thought to use clothes pins and hang ’em up. There were onesies laying flat on just about every horizontal surface in the room.

  16. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Karly you should totally steal this idea, I didn’t invent it. I think Vickie is doing something similar later this spring too.

    I have heard of the bibs and contemplated that idea. The baby bag sounds cute too. I also like the quilt squares idea.

    Any kind of party where you get your hands dirty and customize things always seem to be a big hit.

  17. Julz Nally

    those are the cutest onesies ever jen! thanks for the supply list to have my own party! definitely something to look forward to 😉

  18. Sherrie B

    I love this idea. I wish I would have thought of it for my sister-in-laws shower. She has 14 month old twins. Maybe we could have a fun little party and do t-shirts for them now.

    Love your ideas and would love to win the markers! Crossing my fingers!

  19. Plastic Crocodile

    I thought of doing this for my friends but her family lives in other states so I was thinking of shiping blank ones to her family and have them send them to me so me and her hubby can suprise her.

  20. Alex

    This is such a great idea! I have been to one or two, and a friend of mine routinely hosts these. She does felt-applique onesies that are just adorable. She brings the felt, onesies, fusible webbing, and everyone goes to town. Then, she takes all the onesies home and adds decorative stitching to the appliques.

  21. Jennifer Cameron

    What an AWESOME idea! I wish you had done this about a week ago instead of today so that I could plan this for my sister in law. I sent out the invites already, but maybe I can surprise everyone with decorating a onesie instead of the typical thing.

  22. Calamity Anne

    What a spectacular idea…a onesie party! Now if one of my kids get preggers, I’ll know what kind of party to give. Better yet, I could have a onesie party using Crafty Chica Markers!!!

  23. B. bradley

    I love the onesie party. I am totally doing that for my next pregnant friend.
    Your embroidery post inspired me to make one for my friend’s shower today. Embroidering on knit was a lot harder that I thought it would be.
    Congrats on your “little whip”.

  24. wdmmlc

    I wish I knew someone who was having a baby and I could throw them a shower like this – Great idea !!! Now I can’t wait for my sister-in-law to get pregnant again.

  25. cathie filian

    Y’all look so cute! I can’t wait to see your little baby. Hope the last few weeks go smooth. I love this post!! I have been up to my eyeballs with onesies for the past 6 months- my next book is “100 Onesies”. It is 100 techniques for tricking out baby onsies. The book has 200 different designs and ideas for a onesie decorating baby shower! I must interview you for the book.

  26. Leila

    I haven’t decorated a onesie, but did participate in an “airmail” shower. We each handcrafted a gift, and sent it with a gift card to our preggie friend. We coordinated the mailing date so that her mailbox was flooded with gifts from around the country for over a week! She emailed photos of the crafted goodness for us all to enjoy. It was an awesome way to celebrate with her, regardless of the

  27. Yarn Princess

    What a WONDERFUL ideal!!! And very smart to use assorted sizes.

    Makes me wish I’s have another one so I could throw my own party! I think I’d get a bunch of white socks to decorate too!

  28. Mel Gruver

    What fun!

    I’ve been to a shower where we all made cards for each of the babies pending birthdays through age 18 with specific advice for each year, like, “now that you’re 17, so may be going to some parties. Attach your key to your belt when you put it on, so that you won’t lose it it the hustle and bustle.”

    Oh, and Jennifer- I love that you comment on other people’s comments.

  29. Nikki K.

    Hey there! What about “Bottle Decorating” or “Frame Embellishments” for gift giving later? For my friend Jenny’s 30th birthday I had a station set up for guests to adorn their own “PIMP CUP”. I purchased inexpensive plastic goblets and armed them with a sea of jewels, gems, rhinestones, paint and fabric. This was 2 years ago and some still bring their “party cup” to gatherings. Such a fun party!<

  30. Gina

    What a great idea… I’m sure one (or more) of my large number of nieces and nephews will be having a baby this year (there are 26 of them)!

    Or, I could use the markers for my big birthday that is coming up… I can’t believe I’m almost 40! I mean 29 😉

    I hope I win!

  31. Heidi

    We just had a “Onesie” shower for my daughter, we used fusible wonder-under and fabrics, and had ironing boards to iron on shapes that guests cut out. It was so much fun, then we hung them all on a clothesline to decorate!! Everyone enjoyed it and plan to do the same for their friends. Be sure to have various sizes. I will post pics soon on http://www.stitchcleveland.com

  32. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Wanna know who won last weeks contest to win a set of Crafty Chica fabric markers? Sure you do! Well I decided since we got so many comments I would give away two sets of markers. The first set goes to Nikki K of Stitch Tac Sew. I loved her story about having a party where everyone decorated “Pimp Cups”. I can totally see my friends loving this idea and taking their crafty pimp cups to

  33. Melisa Taylor

    I know I missed the deadline on the crafty chica prize, but I still wanted to add a comment!

    I haven’t done the Onesie party yet, but I made a few cute ones for a pregnant friend for Xmas and she LOVED them. I just used iron on transfer letters and iron on jewels, since it was a first time effort. I totally want to try the marker idea, though! I also like the idea of doing that at a

  34. Madison Avenue Baby

    LOVE this idea. I have customized lots of onesies and it is fun. I have never been to a onesie party, though!
    We did a sort of cute thing for my daughter’s shower. I hung a dogwood tree branch (spray painted white) from the chandelier, attached white fairy lights. I left a bowl full colorful tags with ribbons for hanging (and colored gel pens) so that each guest could write their “wish” for

  35. Laura

    I'm hosting (with my sister & mom) a baby shower for my sister-in-law this weekend, and are planning how to do this. I just found some stencils I had, we went more with paint than fabric markers due to price. I'm a scrapbooker and I paint glassware, so I have tons of paper, stickers, and enamel and acrylic paint, but not fabric paint (at least since leaving college). I wish I had


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