I Love to Create: Happy Glittery Birthday Abe Lincoln!

Not only was Abraham Lincoln the tallest president the US has ever had, after my sister Hope Perkins got through with him he was also the most sparkly. Today is the big guys birthday and to celebrate here on I Love to Create we are going to take a little trip down memory lane. Stitch Fashion Show and Craft Bazaar 2007 at the Austin Convention Center my sister Hope Perkins of Hot Pink Pistol teamed up with Tulip Fashion Glitter and Abe never looked better.

“Tulip Fashion Glitter is the only medium I look forward to finding in my belly button 3 days later”. This is no joke, you can’t walk out of Hope’s house without shimmering a little bit, there is a glitter crumb trail leading up to her door and once you see her stash of sparkle you will be amazed that glitter comes in so many different colors. Glitter sometimes gets a bad wrap and is often thought of as a rudimentary craft supply or art medium. Hope and her glitter portraits completely prove these theories wrong. Not to mention her art is wearable, the best kind in my humble opinion.

I was once one of those people that thought glitter only came in red, green, silver, royal blue and multi – but oh was I wrong. Tulip Fashion Glitter comes in 28 different shades enough to give any presidential portrait definition and character. Tulip also makes a Fashion Glitter Bond to help keep all the sparkle on the dress and not the floor.

I like to think that Mr. Lincoln would be pleased as punch with his portrait. Who in their right mind would not like a glittery portrait of themselves painted on a Hawaiian muumuu and worn by cute girls? Find me that person, I dare you.

Thinking you might like to try your hand at glittery presidential glory? Well lucky you Hope was kind enough to send over 10 hot tips about working with glitter. Everything you need to know to get you started!

1) When you want a shade of glitter that does not exist in your pallet you can combine 2 glitters in an empty glitter container or on a piece of paper to make your own colors.

2) To darken a color of glitter mix in a little bit of black glitter. In order to lighten glitter sprinkle in some gold color glitter.

3) When using multiple colors of glitter it’s best to go from light to dark glitter because the light colors will sometimes stick into your dark glitter and ruin the effect you are going for.

4) For a more 3 dimensional look using glitter use Scribbles Dimensional Fabric Paint as your bonding agent to adhere your glitter to your piece of clothing.

5) For more complicated color gradation use Tulip Glitter Bond to apply your colors. Glitter Bond lets you sift your colors on lighter and build up a color which allows for more color variation.

6) If you are using an actual image like Abe Lincoln it is best to choose an image to base your design on that has more of a color block or paint by number look to it. Think Shepard Fairey’s Obama or better yet Abraham Obama by Ron English!

7) If your going to use multiple colors be sure to add them to your wet paint or glitter bond one color at a time allowing for complete coverage. Otherwise when you add your next color of glitter any exposed wet paint from before will adhere to that glitter color.

8) When using iridescent colors of glitter for instance white glitter be sure to use white paint as your bonding agent. However, for a different effect you can experiment with using a different color paint as your bonding agent to give you a different hue with the iridescent glitter on top.

9) If you are painting on a patterned or colorful dress and want to use the iridescent glitter be sure to use paint as your bonding agent rather than the translucent glitter bond which will show the pattern and color underneath.

10) Once your project is completely dry go over the image with a lint roller to pick up extra glitter.

Happy glittery birthday Mr. President, happy birthday to you. Got any glitter tips or tricks you want to share with us? We would luv to hear all about em!

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