I love to Create – El Tigre T-Shirt Applique

Two of my favorite things are tigers and hoodies, so today’s I Love to Create project is about combining forces with the two of them. What was once an old T-shirt headed for Goodwill is now a fancy applique on my brand new hoodie.

T-shirt with a design
Tulip Fashion Graffiti Stencil
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint
Sponge Brush
Embroidery Supplies
Tulip Fashion Graffiti Dimensional Paint Taggers
Steam a Seam
Tulip Fashion Graffiti Big Phat Markers

I have so many T-shirts in my closet that either no longer fit me, have been stained or somehow managed to get holes in them. The graphics on these shirts are still as cute as when i bought them, they just need to be transfered onto something else. Like a hoodie for example, but there is nothing that says I could use these T-shirt appliques on another T-shirt, tote bag, you name it!

I used a combination of Tulip Big Phat Markers and Tulip Paint Taggers to color my tiger. I was inspired by the screen printing of 1Aeon.

Once the tiger’s paint had dried I cut him out using scissors. I used Steam a Seam and an iron to adhere him to the back of my hoodie. I decided the El Tigre needed a little something extra, like a crown.

Using a Tulip Fashion Graffiti stencil I placed the crown on my tiger. I used a sponge brush and Tulip Soft Fabric paint in black to add the crown. I allowed the stencil to dry completely.

My hoodie was looking better with every step. My old T-shirt has already gone on to a better place. I could have stopped here, but I thought it might be nice to augment my crown a bit.

To give my hoodie a little something extra, not to mention hold my applique in place I decided to embroider the whole thing. I went around the edge of my tiger and accented the crown.

I heart my new hoodie and am so glad I did not have to part with my beloved Tiger T-shirt. I have several of Tallulah’s onesies that she has either stained or outgrown that I plan on converting into appliques to adorn a whole new summer wardrobe with. You get way more bang for your clothes buying buck this way, not to mention it was pretty dang fun!

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  1. openmind

    t-shirts are an all time favorite…whoever that guy invented t-shirt should be considered a fashion genius..and this shirt should designed would really look good with my favorite juicy couture cargo given by my bestfriend


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