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I have oodles of left over orange straws from my Halloween Party and Fall Themed Baby Shower.  Apparently straws are not the big hit that I thought they would be.  What is a girl to do with all these leftover straws?  Recycle them into a new more functional craft was my first thought.

I was inspired by a trashcan I saw at Round Top once that was clearly made using straws or tubing and left over Christmas wrapping paper.  I recently saw the picture in my Flickr stream and thought of my stock pile of orange straws.  Today for I Love to Create just because no one wanted to drink from my straws does not mean they will not get used!

Empty Can
Aleene’s Tacky Glue Stick
Plastic Lacing
Collage Pauge
Liquid Fusion Glue

The first thing I did was cut all my straws in half.  Next I needed to adorn them.  If you have ever made paper beads, covering these straws is pretty much the same thing.  I made triangles with a 4″ base on colorful magazine pages.  After cutting them out I wrapped them around my straws starting with the wide end.  I swiped the wide end with my Aleene’s Glue Stick before adhering to the straw and did the same to the very tip of the triangle.

Once I had all my straws wrapped I coated them in Collage Pauge to protect them.  After the Collage Pauge dried I attached all my straws to an empty and clean tin can with Liquid Fusion Glue.

Just for decoration and to make my can more like the original inspiration I used plastic lacing (the kind you use in Vacation Bible School to make key chains) on my can.  You could skip this step, it is just for decorative purposes.

All that is left to do is fill your can with pens, scissors, knitting needles and whatever stray mess you have lying around that needs a crafty corral.  

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  1. Anonymous

    I have a little trash can made from a cardboard ice cream tube using this technique that my grandmother made more than 50 years ago using glossy magazine pages. I use it in my craft room. I never knew how she made it, but now I do. So cool!


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