I Love to Create: Celebrate Father’s Day with a 6 Pack of Daddy’s Dark Ale

Let’s face it being a new dad is hard work. After staying up all night because of a crying baby and going to work all day to pay the bills, daddy deserves an ice cold beer. As a special Father’s Day treat Tallulah and I made sure it was not just any beer daddy relaxed with. This Father’s Day we transformed a boring 6 pack of Lone Star into a 6 pack of personalized Daddy’s Dark Ale, complete with daddy and baby pictures. Have you waited until the last minute to get the daddy in your life something special for this Sunday’s big festivities? No worries, we have all the instructions on how to customize your own 6 pack on this week’s episode of I Love to Create.

6 pack of beer
Soap and water
Collage Pauge Instant Decoupage
Aleene’s Crystal Clear Tacky Spray
Crafty Chica Little Chica Paint Packs
Sponge Brush
Aleene’s Paper Glaze
Tulip Skull Stencil
Shiny Computer Paper
Laser Copier (printer)
6 Photographs
Fiskars Oval Shaped Templates
Petit Pattern Book (Pop and Modern)

As much as I love the labels on Lonestar, in order for our beer to be custom they had to go. I soaked the beer in my kitchen sink in some warm soapy water for about 30 minutes. The labels peeled right off.

Tallulah and I chose 6 of our favorite daddy and daughter protraits to adorn our beer bottles with. We printed those out on shiny printer paper, but had to make a run to Kinkos. My printer is ink jet and decopauge will make your ink run so I needed to make copies. Using my Fiskars Oval template I cut out 6 pictures to use, Tallulah wanted to play with the scissors but I told her this was a job better suited for mom.

Lucky for me I have a fun series of books called the Petit Pattern Books. Tons of cute background patterns to choose from and they all come on a disk. I made a masculine looking background for my beer labels using camo colors. I also decided to name the beer Daddy’s Dark Ale. I told Tallulah to blow spit bubbles if she agreed with the name and the drool was flowing so it was unanimous. I also had to take the pictures to Kinkos so that laser copies could be made. Workable Fixative could be used instead.

Using my Collage Pauge I attached my new labels to the beer bottles. I allowed these to dry completely and then I came back and covered them with Aleene’s Paper Glaze.

The packaging is everything so Tallulah and I decided to go ahead and customize the 6 pack carton as well. Using black paint and a sponge brush I applied two coats of paint to the carton. Unfortunately, Tallulah decided she was hungry mid paint job so mommy got a little paint on her new polka dotted cherry dress. Once the paint was dry and Tallulah was full I went back in and mixed white, green and black paint to get an army green color. I used a sticky fabric stencil on each end of the 6 pack and using my sponge brush applied the paint. The sticky pulled up some of the black paint leaving white lines, but honestly we thought it looked cool so we left it alone.

When the paint dried completely I took the 6 pack carton outside and using Aleene’s Crystal Clear Spray (AKA my new favorite glue) I adhered my custom label to either side of the beer carton. It was 100 degrees outside and the glue is a little stinky so I let Tallulah watch this step through the window as she relaxed in the AC and her bouncy chair.

All that is left to be done is to chill the beer. Speaking of chilling I recommend the fridge and not a cooler full of ice. The perfect Father’s Day gift is born. Now we just have to tell dad he can’t read my blog until Sunday.

19 Responses to “I Love to Create: Celebrate Father’s Day with a 6 Pack of Daddy’s Dark Ale”

  1. Nutmeg

    I LOVE this Jennifer! I've been so involved in other things I didn't realize you'd had a baby. Congratulations!

    I am going to the market to pick up some beer tonight, thanks for the idea!!!


  2. Alan Dove

    Two suggestions from a former homebrewer:

    1. Dishwasher detergent removes labels much better than standard dish soap. Just pour a good dollop of Cascade into a bucket, add hot water, immerse bottles, and come back the next morning. The labels will lift right off.

    2. If you have craft supplies around, great, but you don't need them to attach labels to bottles. Just float

  3. Anonymous

    I agree with Alan Dove on the milk as glue. I disagree with a hot water soak if you want to drink it later.

  4. Cap'n John

    This is just awesome 🙂

    For removing the labels without soaking the bottles of beer in warm, soapy water, I recommend the all-purpose sticky stuff remover "Goo Gone".


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