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Today for I Love to Create it is all about Apron-ology. I subscribe to several different trend spotting newsletters and one recently popped into my inbox chatting about the resurgence of aprons as a fashion accessory rather than the utilitarian smock we typically think of. Trend Central says: From cook-offs and farmers markets to The Food Network and foodie blogs, all things culinary are cool at the moment, with the latest entry being kitchen fashion: One of our trend reporters recently picked up on a new hipster movement of aprons being worn over dresses. American Apparel strikes again, now selling solid-colored ones, while those of the more retro variety can be picked up at stores like Anthropologie or vintage boutiques. Or you could just make your own like I did.

Summer 2008 I was crafting up a storm in the Duncan booth at CHA. The Liquid Fusion was flowing at my work station where we made pins out of vintage Crafty Curios. That being the case I decided to whip myself up an apron for the event. There I am deciding where to place my pocket at local Austin crafting store Craft-o-Rama where I crafted my Naughty Secretary apron using the Casual Friday Necklace from my book The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girls Guide to Handmade Jewelry. When my apron was all done I packed er’ up in my suitcase and headed for Chicago.

Here I am posing with some crafty friends like Sonya Nimiri, Margot Potter, Traci Bautista, my sister Hope Perkins and the Crafty Chica herself Kathy Cano Murillo. All of us in the Duncan booth had custom aprons. Some were sewn, others embellished and a few were hand painted – all were adorable. So adorable in fact they made the pages of Apron-ology Magazine! Sommerset Studios has a whole new magazine out devoted to aprons!

My Naughty Secretary Apron made the cut and can be seen on pages 118-119 complete with how-to instructions. The entire magazine is crammed with cuteness. There are several how-to projects, tons of pictures and oodles of inspiring ideas. Some of my favorite ideas and projects include the free form crochet apron which reminds me of our post: Not Your Grandmothers Doilies. There are several aprons made from vintage hankies that are especially sweet. I have a soft spot for Barkcloth so the Barkcloth Beauties caught my eye. Here Comes the Bride is a hilarious way to reuse an old wedding or prom dress. My collection of vintage men’s neckties could go to good use whipping up the Tie One on Apron. A few of my partners in crime at the Duncan booth were also featured in Apron-ology. Look for Kathy Cano-Murillo’s Crafty Chica Stress Buster Apron and Traci Bautista’s Apron Unleashed.

As an added bonus there is also a review of my book in Apron-ology – check it out!

So it looks like those trend spotters hit the nail on the head again. Several of these aprons I would wear out on the town and not just around my kitchen. What do you think about the apron trend? Do you have any favorites that you might venture out of the house and into club wearing?

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  1. Blue Mama

    I have a really cute one made by one of my blog-readers and I’ve worn it with a vintage dress to the grocery store but…I probably wouldn’t wear it to the club. (that is, if I went to the club! 😉

    I also have one that I wear when I work at craft shows or the Farmers Market and one strictly for kitchen use.

    I’m happy that aprons are so popular now, it would be a shame to see

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Exactly, like I go to the club anymore. I remeber your apron from Maker Faire, very cute. an episode of Stylelicious just aired on DIY Network where I made an apron and a t-shirt into a maternity shirt. Wish I had remebered that episode a few months ago Vickie Howell gave me a vintage apron for pregger ladies that measures your waist. Next baby I’ll whip that up.

  3. belle

    These are awesome. Very inspiring.I just got turned on to this mag and just love it! I am loving the big apron trend explosion, their are endless possibilities. I also love the symbolism in this trend; a turn towards home and making a home.Great post

  4. Melisa Taylor

    I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for vintage aprons. I may consider wearing one of them out. It’s black ‘mesh’ type material on one side and black and gold checkered mesh on the other side. Totally reverse-able and fashionable.

    I totally need to post a picture for you.

    Maybe I will wear it or one of them out to a craft bazaar this weekend. It makes sense, since I am selling baked

  5. Jenny Doh

    Hey Jennifer,
    Thanks so much for sharing your HOT apron with our readers! Hope you’ll submit again for next year’s issue. Deadline: 9/15/09.
    Jenny 🙂

  6. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Melissa I think a craft bazaar where you are selling baked goods is the perfect venue to sport your sassy black and gold apron. I too have a thing for vintage aprons. Sadly I never wear them even when cooking and crafting. I just have a hard time saying no when I see them for sale cheap.

    Jenny thank you so much for including me in the magazine, I loved all the aprons and will def whip

  7. Melisa Taylor

    I have the same problem. If I see them for cheap, I can’t say no.
    My friend and I have decided, we are both wearing our vintage aprons on Saturday. We will be sure to get photos and post them here for you to see. 🙂

    They are also fun to wear when you are hosting a party. 🙂

  8. Condo Blues

    I have a frou-frou girly apron that I try to remember to wear when I bake, but not to a club. In fact, I answered the door in it to dinner party guests and they laughed at my inner girly girl!

  9. Sonya Nimri

    I love that polka dotted apron that you wore to the CHA! Way too cute! It’s the perfect mix of vintage and new. I’ll have to find apron.ology! Thanks for sharing!


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