I Love to Create: Aleene’s Themed Floral Fro

This week is CHA in Florida. CHA is the Craft and Hobby Association Convention and for a crafter it is tons of fun. Why am I not there you ask, well I decided with Tallulah it was too much trouble to pack it up and head East, maybe next year you will see me there. In the meantime I am there in spirit. If you stopped by Duncan’s I Love to Create booth you might have spotted my goodies here and there. Things like collage earrings, a ping pong ball necklace and a sassy purple Aleene’s themed Floral Fro. Today for my I Love to Create Column I am going to be walking you through said Floral Fro and how you can make your very own!

Junk Jewelry (mine was purple, white and gold)
Aleene’s Glue Gun
Picture Frame
Gold Spray Paint
Liquid Fusion Glue
Aleene’s Crystal Clear Glue Spray
Picture of a Woman’s Head

Since this was a special Aleene’s themed Floral Fro it only made sense to use purple, gold and white junk jewelry. I gathered my supplies and using my pliers clipped off the backs of all the clip on earrings and brooches I was using. As you can see from the picture Tallulah was a huge help during the process.

Some people, like my husband, might argue that thrift store shopping is a waste of time. I would say how else would I find a book from a 1970’s hair salon with tons of pictures of women with haircuts resembling mushrooms that are perfect to craft with? I cut out one of those heads and using Aleene’s Crystal Clear Tacky Spray I adhered the head to a sheet of paper that I had printed out using a pattern of the Aleene’s logo.

Once my head was adhered to my background paper it was time to bejewel the mushroom coif, my favorite part. Using Liquid Fusion and Aleene’s Ultimate Glue Gun I stuck down all the purple, gold and white pieces of jewelry in the pattern I had laid out earlier. With small gold beads and glue I went through and filled in any holes where hair was showing. I allowed this to dry overnight.

Once the glue had dried it was time to put this lovely lady into a picture frame. I hope she is having a good time in Florida at the convention. One thing I know for sure is that she has the best hair there.

7 Responses to “I Love to Create: Aleene’s Themed Floral Fro”

  1. BalletMommy

    Love it! But I was hoping for how to make it to actually WEAR! It would be great as part of a costume for my daughter's ballet performances! (I make costumes for them!)

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