I Love to Create – 5 (more) Kitschy Upcycled Frames

Almost a year ago this week I did an I Love to Create post entitled 5 Kitschy Upcycled Frames. I thought it was time for an update with 5 new and exciting picture frame options!

First up is a frame I have been dreaming about for a good long while. I had this adorable picture of Tallulah brushing her teeth for the first time that has been begging for a customized frame. Months of brushing later Tallulah is in the process of getting 5 new teeth and it put the fire under me to get my dream toothbrush frame made. I bought these colorful child’s toothbrushes at Target and using Liquid Fusion Glue I attached them to a pre-existing frame. Now the picture sits on a shelf in my bathroom and every time I brush my own teeth I look at Tallulah and smile.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the Etch-a-Sketch picture frame from the previous post. It even got mentioned on Etsy! Anywhoo thanks to the Artistik Diva I was informed that Etch-a-Sketch also came in mini form! I used Aleene’s Acid Free Tacky Glue Stick.

As you know I love vintage Fisher Price Toys. Last time I made a frame out of a TV toy. Recently I scored a vintage Fisher Price School Desk. I already have one in good condition and this one’s chalkboard is all screwed up so why not convert it into a frame! An enlarged picture and some Aleene’s Crystal Clear Tacky Spray and presto magic! I chose to frame a pic of the fam in front of the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile, goes nicely with my wiener mobile bank.

Eons ago I bought several vintage switch plate covers not sure what I was ever going to do with them. With the help of some Aleene’s Tacky Transparent Tape for Crafters they sure do make a swell picture frame. You could buy new ones and gussy them up with some Crafty Chica Paint too.

Vintage cameras are one of my bazillion collections. I have several Brownies and thought I would convert the flash on one into a picture frame. I used a thin bead of Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue.

I’d love to hear about your picture frame making adventures. Got any ideas for me? If your looking for some other ideas about how to showcase your favorite photos I just so happen to have a few posts on the subject: old TV, mosaics, puzzles, cupcake wrappers, bobble heads, shrine, 6 pack of beer, terrariums and cafeteria trays.

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