I Love to Create – 20 New Fave Green Craft Projects

Last year we celebrated Earth Day around these parts with a roundup of our 20 fave Eco-Craft Projects from the blog. Well a whole year has passed and I have 20 new up-cycled I Love to Create Projects to share. Hope you enjoy, and happy Earth Day!

I made a haunted house with a milk carton, but you could make any kind of house for your kiddos little people. Grab the tacky glue & Crafty Chica Paint and think gnome cottage for spring.

Store your knick-knacks in this handy can corral. If you can make paper beads you can make paper covered straws, rev up your glue sticks!

Our Tiered Treat Tray was for Santa, but nothing says you couldn’t make one for say the heavy metal or old school rap lover in your life. The theme depends on which records your thrift store has.

Make a cozy and cute yarn wrapped headband for yourself.

I can’t stop making kitschy up-cycled picture frames, even vintage cameras are not safe.

My gift wrapped hula hoop wreath was for Christmas, but you could make one for any holiday. Grab your bottle of Liquid Fusion Glue and put on your holiday thinking cap.

I’ve made baby blocks into birthday wishes and Halloween decor, what will be next?

Laverne inspired monogram sweaters are super easy to make and fun to wear. It took everything in my power to not bust out the Tulip Fabric Paint and cursive J all the sweaters in my closet.

Glass etching customizes a set of plain old beer glasses and vinyl records get transformed into coasters.

Sunglasses get a makeover with a little splatter of Crafty Chica paint, Liquid Fusion Glue and drill.

Convert your craft pants into a string of pearls.

I go through my neighbors trash, but look how cute my toadstool stool turned out. Can you blame me? It took a lot of Crafty Chica Paint, but it was totally worth it.

A summer trip to the beach inspired this fedora makeover. Don’t forget that Tulip Fashion Paint works on a lot more than clothes – I like it on hats and shoes too.

Old boxes get transformed into customized cupcake coozies.

Swimming anyone? Use a Tulip Fashion Paint and an old towel to make a tongue in cheek swimsuit cover up.

If you thought sweater clips were just for your grandma, you were wrong.

Knitting needles make for a great mid-century modern clock.

Take an old T-shirt, a hoodie and an arsenal of Tulip Fashion products and make something new and improved like El Tigre.

Be a quilting cutie in this adorable patchwork jacket.

You know how I love recycled pantyhose projects. These earrings might be some of my fave! Old ear bobs, Fabric Fusion Glue and a pair of knee highs – oh my!

How are you celebrating Earth Day? Got any fave up-cycled craft projects you want to share? Love to hear all about it.

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