I held a copy of Naughty Secretary Club today!

Two blogs in one day, well that’s just crazy! Since both blogs are really more pictures than they are writing I figured what the hell. I’m home from my first day at BEA convention and boy am I pooped. Love the hotel, but they need something a little better than a shear curtain to keep the sun out. My room was lit enough to do brain surgery by 6am and my circadian rhythms got me right out of bed. It was just as well I ordered breakfast and watched Regis and Kelly. I headed for the convention about 10 and braced myself for a lot of walking. There are a ton of people there and the place is huge. I didn’t even make it through one hall today. All your favorite book vendors are there F&W, Chronicle, Tashen, Harpers Collins and more. I love books so and there were so many to add to my wish list. I even got a free copy of Guerrilla Publicity! Lots of celebrities too. I saw Dionne Warwick, Mario Lopez, Mary Lou Henner and George Hamelton! I didn’t talk to them, but I did see them and stand within 20 feet of them so that counts. Here are a few of the other highlights of my day…

I stumbled into the Princeton Architectural Press booth where they had mock ups of Handmade Nation, postcards and tote bags to give away. I asked the lady in the booth to take my picture holding the book. Looks like my profile in the book is in the chapter entitled South Central along with Jenny Hart, Whitney Lee, Kathie Server and Knitta.

Another unexpected surprise was that my friend Travis Nichols from Austin was the convention. He has a new book coming out called Punk Rock Etiquette that I got a signed preview copy of. The book is hilarious and the illustrations are amazing. After all Travis is a rock star and a cartoonist so how could it not be.

My signing in the F&W booth was from 2:00-3:30 and will be the same tomorrow (Friday). We had free Naughty Secretary Club T-shirts to give away, promo copies of Naughty Secretary Club to look through and I bought a few pieces of jewelry to give away which seemed to make some really cute girls very happy. It was so fun to see my book all around the booth and to actually hold a copy in my hand. It is a square shaped, wide as a normal book just not as tall. I had no idea. I kind of love it. It was so fun to see the reactions of people to all the jewelry I brought with me. I also got to see some old friends like Stephanie Girard of Sweater Surgery and Tamara Berg who was a guest on Craft Lab.

I need to freshen up a bit as I am going out to dinner at Spagos tonight. I wonder if Wolfgang Puck will be there. If you are at BEA here in Los Angeles tomorrow be sure and stop by the F&W booth around 2pm!

15 Responses to “I held a copy of Naughty Secretary Club today!”

  1. Vickie Howell

    Awww, I’m so proud of you, kid! I’m going to kick your lily white arse though, if you don’t bring me back a signed copy! 😉

  2. i like applejuice

    haha! it was awesome hanging out with you! your book looks radical to the max. square book. and full color. that’s baller as hell in the book world, lady.

  3. Pattie Donham

    awww, no fair you got to be with Stefani Gerard. what a sweetie. since i moved to tennessee i don’t see her much. good luck with your book!


  4. Anh

    How exciting! Btw your hair and skin looks great not just in these pictures, but also in past posts as well. What’s your secret?

  5. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    hey everyone thanks for the nice words! I can’t wait for everyone to see the book in real life, it is a cute little thing if I do say so myself.

    Misti you might have to fight me to the death for the gnome necklace becuase I heart him so. BUT there are instructions in the book on how to make your own and where to get the gnomes:)

    Cait thanks for the words about my tat. I got


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