I Heart Rick Astley and Bazaar Bizarre.

Whoo-wee this weekend at Maker Faire about wore me out! I’m ready to spend the week relaxing but between teaching two classes at Craft-o-Rama, my father in-law coming to visit and a photo shoot with Apartment Therapy this week there is no rest for the wicked. Maker was tons of fun and I have the pictures to prove it.

The lovely Hope Perkins of Hot Pink Pistol helps fluff our booth…

Our friend Amy Barber of Sweet Tooth Bags was our neighbor to the left, which was mighty handy for bathroom breaks!

Our neighbor to the right were the lovely peeps of Belle and Burger and Blue Mama. Jen sold a necklace to Bill Murray, here she is sticking the cash between ‘the girls’ for safe keeping.

Saw lots of friends at Maker Faire including fellow preggers Austin Craft Mafia lady Jen Arntson. My friend Mae Mae stopped by and scored herself a Yummy to My Tummy Necklace.

Textile Fetish was there representing at Maker Faire! When lil’ whip is older I am getting him/her some patchwork pants!

Look I’m the meat in a Patricia and Rachel sandwich!

Lot’s o’ Ladies from the Dallas Craft Mafia were making the rounds including the adorable Tara and Julie. So excited Hope traded Tara for a feather fasinator so I can borrow it, still dreaming about the headbands that Julie had that I should have gotten.

Becky and Amanda, AKA the Craft-o-Rama Cuties (don’t forget my Marketing a Small Business Class there tonight) basking in the afterglow of seeing Bill Murray.

Jen and Hope man the booth while I go off to teach and shop!

Speaking of teaching here I am preaching the gospel of using fabric in jewelry. On Sunday I taught a little jewelry 101 demo. Thanks to Tina and Rachel for the pictures.

And speaking of shopping, I almost spent as much as I made! How could I resist a new cardigan from Bossa Nova Baby. Mine is actually black with pink scissors.

I did a little trading and a little shopping for onesies. Currently this baby is going to be naked so I thought I would snag lil’ whip some new duds from Rose & Duke, Harrilu and Elsie Q.

I also scored some panties for a gift from Lil Hop, a new tiger person T-shirt from Model Citizen and I am going to be getting some rings from Leighlena.

I was super excited that not only could you snag a copy of The Naughty Secretary Club in our booth, but the Maker Book Store was also carrying copies!

And for those that sat in the Bizarre Bazaar all weekend, snuggled up next to the Ponginator, this is for you…

13 Responses to “I Heart Rick Astley and Bazaar Bizarre.”

  1. belle

    look at kyle trying to scooch away! ahh I wasn’t there for much but the rick is still lingering in my sore throat~ thanks for the memories. I was looking for the family guy episode with brian singing “rick ~give you up” at the prom?ring any bells,very hi-larious

  2. Average Jane Crafter

    Somewhere I still have my Rick Astley cassette tape … just sayin’.

    MF was a total blast! It was great to see you and see all the other amazing vendors and Makers. I was blown away. What fun! Can’t wait for next year.

  3. Sarah

    AH! I totally missed Bill Murray! I heard that he was there and at the furry hat booth across from ours, but *somehow* we missed him!

    Great meeting you and congratulations on the little one!

  4. Craftiness

    Ditto AJC, MF was awesome!! I went both days and still didn’t see everything. Note to self, must go next year! Self?

    I had a huge crush on Rick in the 90’s but I don’t remember the high waistband. Were we really that nerdy?

    You give good classes:) Keep up the great work!!!!!

  5. Sommer

    When I met you at your booth, i was looking for a necklace with a little brunette doll. You only had a blond one, You told me to check your website, but can’t seem to find it.
    Is it still available?

    email me if possible


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