I Heart My New Website!

Did you know that the new Naughty Secretary Club website has been in the works for almost 2 years? It’s true and now that it is here and live I feel like it was so worth the wait. I loved my old website oodles, but this new rainbowliscious version is so much more me. I prefer everything around me to emulate candy in some way, including my web site. The new site was designed by a lovely lady named Grace who has been designing my ads and postcards for years. She hit the nail on the head with the style. It is just the technical part that is giving me a hard time. I have spent the last few days playing with the new site and OS Commerce learning the ins and outs. I think I am getting the hang of things. The shopping cart is working like a dream so please feel free to shop your little heart out. I am leaving for Bethel, Maine and Boston tomorrow morning, but upon my return expect to see tons of new baubles hitting the website. Here is a little baby sneak peak!

Thank you to everyone for all the nice comments about the website. I love me some compliments, but if you find anything wrong or hate something about the new site I can take the criticism too. I’m using you guys as my testers to make sure there is no weirdness on the site that I or my programmer and designer are overlooking.

4 Responses to “I Heart My New Website!”

  1. Lizz

    I love your new website too!!!! It’s fantastic!!!!! Congrats! Will buy more stuff soon*!

    *next payday 😉

  2. Conni

    Hi Jennifer, I love your new site, and can totally relate to the two year thing…I have a website also…http://www.consuelastyle.com… it took me a year and half to get it working, and I did all of the images myself…it was the ecommerce part that continually threw me for a loop. I live in Austin, (well Dripping Springs specifically) and can’t believe…I actually stumbled upon your blog

  3. Anonymous

    do you have any way of getting in touch with your designer? she looks and sounds like she’s perfect for me.


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