I Heart Adorn Magazine

I’ve had Adorn Magazine on the brain the last week or so. I just finished and shipped off a jewelry project that is going to be in the fall 07 issue. I won’t say anything besides the fact that there are toy motorcycles involved. I’ll keep you posted about when it comes out.

Besides this I also recently received my copy of the summer 07 issue. I really do love this magazine. I think pretty much all the Soho magazines (Knit 1, Adorn, Cutting Edge) look dang nice. Adorn seems to hit the Indie crafter nail right on the head every single time. Much like I did with the current issue of Venus I wanted to go through the new Adorn and highlight my favorite parts.

Two pages in is a big full page ad by Duncan paints. I love Duncan for many a reason besides the fact that they make awesome craft paint and let us not forget Aileen’s tacky glue. The ad features a girl in an outfit designed by my good friend Traci Bautista who you might have seen on Craft Lab a time or two. Two adorable ladies from Duncan Alyson and Alexis have both been guests on Craft Lab. Duncan does a mean make and take booth at not only CHA but at Stitch. Yuppers they are sponsors again for Stitch 2007! Last year everyone got free paint in the goodie bags and got to make themselves a custom T-shirt, can’t wait to see what they whip up for this year!

On page 17 of Adorn in the midst of the book reviews I saw my friend Sonya Nimri smiling back at me from the page on the cover of her new book Just for the Frill of It. Sonya has been on Craft Lab seasons 1 and 2. I remember two years ago when I was in LA and Sonya talking about her ideas for this book over a margarita, I knew it was going to be good then. I need to pre-order a copy.

On page 20 there was another familiarity. Not a face, this time it was a thing. A cutterfly to be exact. On the DIY Network special Inside the Craft and Hobby Show that I just blogged about Vickie and I got to play with the Cutterfly. I believe I compared it to a clown car because there are so many different tools and parts in this one little expandable key chain. Vickie and I so wanted to take one from the EK Success booth at CHA, but they were not available yet. I hope they remember their promise to send us each one because I seriously want one. Interesting side note this is the same company who just put out the new Martha Stewart line at Michaels.

On page 23 there is a small blurb about Lov.li. I blogged about it back in March when I set up my account and have not done much with it since then. Glad this article reminded me to get over there and spend some time poking around.

Page 26 is an article by Tricia Royal and her endlessly entertaining project Wardrobe Remix. Recently at the Cinco de Mayo party my friend Natalie insisted she take some head to toe pictures of me in my 70’s polyester jump suit for the sole purpose of uploading to Wardrobe Remix. I have not gotten the nerve yet.

Page 36. I thought the Prada headbands were dog ugly until I saw the Adorn version and now suddenly I want one.

Page 38 is Craft Fairs 101. Being a producer of Austin’s Stitch Fashion Show and Craft Bazaar as well as a regular attendee at craft events such as the Renegade Craft Fair and the Soco market at Austin City Limits the article hit home. It is a great article that helps prepare people for selling at a craft fair. The survival check list is perfect!

I was so sad the article on page 46 about London did not come out last year before I visited or better yet 10 years ago before I spent a semester there. There were a few places on the list I did manage to hit like Camden Town, Brick Lane and Portobello Road Markets.

Besides the fact that I love me some Susan Beal I also loved her article on page 88 about DIY Brides. Sure I had the big white dress and got married in a church, but my mother and I got DIY crazy at my wedding. Have you seen my collection of vintage wedding toppers that acted as part of the center pieces for my tables. What about the terrarium I just made for the centerpiece at Susann’s wedding. Vickie and I are already plotting some sort of make and take for her summer nuptials and Karly is taking spray painted branches and metal bird cages to a new level with her event this August.

On page 94 you can’t help but notice my new and exciting Naughty Secretary Club ad! Ok that is really not that exciting. Besides all these fun things I mentioned there are about a bazillion adorable how to guides that make me wanna deck my clothes out all the day long. After all the tag line to the magazine is “The Crafty Girls Guide to Embellishing Life”.

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