I heart 31 Corn Lane!

I was so happy to get my eblast from Fred Flare today because there smiling back at me was my friend Amy Sperber sporting one of her awesome new 31 Corn Lane bags. Amy and her adorable sisters make tons of cute bags, totes and purses. Lucky me when I went and stayed with the girls in Brooklyn this June for Renegade they loaded me up with tons of cool bags. You should go and snag your own oh and add them as your My Space friend. I have been getting tons of compliments on my Carrie bag and am actually using my red Carry All as my carry on for Chicago today.

Oh wait I am not going to Chicago. Or maybe I am? Or I don’t know. After I ran off to get my eyebrows taken care of this morning I am having flight issues. I was supposed to leave at 3, then it changed to 6, then 7:20 and now my flight has been cancelled. I don’t know what this means or when I will be getting to Chicago. I was supposed to be filming at like 8 tomorrow morning with my friend Traci Bautista, but looks like this might not happen. Eeeek. I’ll keep you posted on all the late breaking updates.

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