I got my teeth cleaned in an art gallery.

Man the weather is barfy yet again today. Lucky for me the clothes swap party is at my house tonight so I don’t have to go anywhere.

Yesterday was a full day. Hope, Kurt and I all went and saw Pan’s Labyrinth in the afternoon. It was super sad and pretty. Hope and I had seen something on HBO about the making of and once we saw the pale man, we knew we had to go. At dinner since Chris and I had been trapped in the house for days due to weather we ventured to Casa Garcia down the street for Mexican Food. The place was packed, but the enchiladas were yummy and the mariachi band was good! I also had a dentist appointment yesterday, I have 5 cavities. 5!!!! I brush every morning, every night and even a third time if I am going out. I have always had cavities since I was a kid. Sucks to be me. No I don’t drink soda either.

Anyway I have never been a big fan of the dentist; I mean who is, until I met Dr. Jones. He really is a great dentist and his staff is so insanely sweet. I never knew that it did not have to hurt to go to the dentist. The other cool thing is when you are getting a cavity filled he lets you wear these goggles where you can watch and listen to a movie to block out everything else. The first time I went I watched Hope Floats with Sandra Bullock. This is meaningless except that it was on TV night before last and I sat through it only because the small Texas town she moves back to is Smithville, a town about an hour east of Austin. My mother in law is the Methodist minister there so now when I watch the movie I recognize the town.

So anyway back to the doctor. Dr. Richard Jones office also doubles as an art gallery for the paintings he paints. Who else has a dentist that is also an artist and has paintings all over their typically sterile office? Here is the link to his online gallery the pictues are from his office. Didn’t really mean for this to be a dentist review, although I would totally recommend him, it was more to point out that I got my teeth cleaned in an art gallery.

Oh and I updated my blog a bit this morning out of sheer boredom. New star background and some new links to other blogs I like. I also clicked on the link about google ad sense and now I am afraid there is going to be ads all over my blog. Ok I better go start sorting my 3 boxes of clothing into piles oh and floss.

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